Now Get Live Chat Support 24/5 with Agile CRM

Now Get Live Chat Support 24/5 with Agile CRM

We repeatedly hammer home the importance of good customer service here on the Agile CRM blog. Like any good business, we also practice what we preach.

That’s why we’re so excited to expand our live chat support to now include 24/5 availability in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. We’ve long had 24/5 live chat support in the United States and the U.K., but now our customers in Asia also get this important means for getting questions answered in real-time. Previously we only had ticket support in these regions.

Good customer support is important for every business, especially SMBs like Agile CRM and its customers.

“Reputation is everything, and often times large chain stores can hide behind their big names and their reputation when it comes to customer service that is lacking,” noted a recent article by New Jersey-based firm, Acu-Data. “Small businesses are held to a higher standard.”

That’s because small business lives and dies by its relationship with customers, and most buyers expect a direct and satisfying interaction with small business because they know there is no huge call centers for smaller firms, support centers staffed by a revolving door of seasonal reps.

We know the importance of customer care, so we not only offer it to our customers with 24/5 live chat support, we also make it easier for our customers to offer good support—even if you’re working on a shoestring budget.

Our Helpdesk functionality gives your business ticketing functionality, service automation through our powerful automation workflow feature, automated responses, automated smart views and ticket labeling for better support prioritization, reports, trigger notifications for when service level agreements are in jeopardy, and many more futures baked in the product or available through integrations between Agile CRM and third-party services.

We make customer service better and more efficient for your business, part of our all-in-one CRM approach that combines marketing, sales and customer service automation in one easy-to-use and affordable product.

If you need help setting up or using Agile CRM for better customer service, reach out—we’re here to help. Even though we make Agile CRM easy to use, we understand that learning software and putting new business processes in place takes times and effort. Our support team can help you get started or resolve any questions you have about our CRM and its features.

And if you’re in Australia or Asia Pacific, you now also get Agile CRM live support chat. So our exceptional customer service now is even better!

You can contact our support team through chat, email or call through our support page. If you’re not already a customer, you also can try out Agile CRM for free right now by signing up for one of our free accounts.

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