4 Reasons Your CRM Needs Live Chat

4 Reasons Your CRM Needs Live Chat

Even with a CRM that has a 360-degree contact view, raw data doesn’t always help your sales force understand the customer’s journey—their up-to-the-moment questions, needs and wants. That’s where the integration of live support comes in.

A CRM with live chat support integration isn’t just for tracking tickets. Yes, that’s a bonus, but there are better and more beneficial reasons for doing so. Customer retention, conversion rates, revenue boosts and more. Integration itself should focus on two things: customer happiness and user happiness.

At Agile, we understand this. It’s one of the reasons Agile CRM integrates seamlessly with plugins such as ClickDesk, Help Scout, LiveHelpNow and Tidio Chat. These integrations will help you form more beneficial digital marketing strategies.

Four of these live chat plugins provide increased value over time:

1. Your Customers Will be Happier

Live chat allows your teams to identify buyers and remember them. It allows them to establish a more personal repartee, which encourages trust in the customer. In addition to allaying conscious or subconscious concerns, live chat allows your agents, sales people, marketers and anyone else with a direct line to the customer to see what that customer is thinking from moment to moment and act accordingly.

2. Buyer Targeting

Buyer personas are not the same as buyer profiles. Nor do they necessarily fall in line with what a buyer wants at that moment. Striking at the heart of the matter means determining the buyer’s relationship to your company with a CRM like Agile CRM. From there, especially if you use our automation tools, you can tag customers based on previous support conversations and even run campaigns designed specifically to target them.

3. More Bang for Your Buck

Live chat both increases the likelihood of a sale as well as the overall size of that sale. The integration of live chat into your CRM means that you’re guaranteeing that benefit for future purchases.

A smart customer has questions, and what you want is smart customers. It’s not merely about staying on top of sales quotas. If your CRM can access live support information, it means your teams can respond in a more dynamic way. They can up-sell using data from both previous purchases and predicted purchases. Predictable revenue also comes into play.

The customers who ask the hardest questions tend to be the ones with the deepest pockets. They’ve amassed their monies by being smart, like you. Don’t ignore them. Engage them.

What does that mean for your marketing funnel? Well, quite a lot. There’s a hidden function here. Integrated sales and support can do wonders for you. When you’ve got real-time support working with your CRM, it means that sales teams can view prospect histories when they’re talking to them. That in turn means that the prospect is being spoken to as an individual, which makes them more likely to buy.

4. Loyalty to You

A great CRM like Agile CRM lets you track new leads, manage lead scores, your sales funnel and a whole lot more. The only thing that’s missing is establishing brand loyalty. That one is up to you. It is critical to make sure your customers don’t think you’re some faceless corporation that doesn’t care about them.

Live chat counters the very idea. A potential customer sees the “Live chat” button, or option, and their fears are assuaged. No longer is your company a faceless organization. It allows your customers to get to know you, all of which benefits the possibility of conversion, sales and retention.

Live chat integration benefits the user, the customer and your business. Your sales team learns the customers better, you learn the buyers better and a relationship can be created.

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