5 benefits of a single-platform marketing automation solution

5 benefits of a single-platform marketing automation solution

The old world of channel-specific marketing is long-gone. Today’s hyper-connected customers move fluidly from one screen to the next and they expect consistent experiences no matter where or when they happen to interact with your brand. If your user experiences are fragmented and inconsistent across different channels, you risk losing your customers’ attention and giving up market share to your competitors.

Luckily, the latest generation of marketing and sales automation software is designed to make sure you deliver the seamless experiences your customers expect. These user-friendly tools put enterprise-scale marketing in your hands for an affordable monthly fee, enabling you to orchestrate stunning campaigns and reach every customer with the message most likely to convert them.

Here are five ways in which a single-platform marketing automation solution can take your customer outreach to the next level:

  1. More powerful Omni channel engagement

You might’ve heard the term “multichannel marketing,” describes an approach in which every channel delivers the same message. But today, even that approach is falling out of favor, as Omni channel marketing moves to the forefront. While a multichannel campaign uses each channel in largely the same way, a cutting-edge Omni channel campaign uses each channel like an instrument in a symphony, supporting and complementing the messages on all the other channels, and adapting in real time to your leads’ interests and needs. Of course, this level of orchestration is impossible to manage on the scale of millions of prospects – which is why the latest sales automation solutions enable your teams to compose campaigns across all channels, from the same easy-to-use interface. Whether you’re interacting with a prospect on social media, your website, a mobile screen, or any other device or channel, you’ll always be able to recognize them for who they are and serve them content that meets them at their current stage of the journey.

  1. Targeted campaigns with less effort

As cool as it is to be able to interact with your prospects consistently across all channels, it’s equally crucial to reach out to them proactively with messages that support their progress toward a purchase. That’s why single-platform sales automation software comes equipped with all the tools you’ll need to compose powerful Omni channel marketing campaigns and deploy them at any scale you can dream of. From one centralized dashboard, you’ll be able to set up automatic response emails triggered by sales or website visits – as well as email campaigns that follow up with your leads on any timetable you choose. Want to set up a drip campaign triggered by specific actions your leads take? Couldn’t be easier! In fact, your sales automation platform will even help you segment your prospects according to specific customer traits, lead scores, and any other custom conditions you’d like; then send a tailored campaign to each segment.

  1. More impactful social outreach

No matter how impressively coordinated your Omni channel campaign may be, social media outreach can’t be handled quite the same way as the other channels. This is mainly because your customers move seamlessly from one social app to the next, and expect you to be able to do the same. With a single-platform sales automation solution, you’ll be able to set up and track campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other networks you choose, all from the same centralized dashboard. You’ll get real-time updates on likes and shares, as well as alerts about new comments awaiting responses. And with every interaction, the platform’s built-in social analytics will track the impact of every post and tweet, letting you know what’s working, what isn’t, and what’s most likely to help your next post go viral on the social web.

  1. More precision per email

Once you’ve got a lead subscribed to your email campaign, every email that doesn’t move them closer to conversion is a message wasted. With a sales automation platform, you’ll never have to send out a mass email blindly again. Instead, you’ll get advanced analytics on when each customer opened each email, as well as real-time updates on which links they’ve clicked. Want an overall view? Your platform can generate up-to-the-minute reports on opens, click-throughs and other statistics, and even help you compare your emails’ performance against your campaigns on social media, so you can see which approaches are working best on which channels. You’ll even get easy-to-use tools for A/B testing multiple versions of each email, or segmenting your email campaigns according to customer traits, links clicked, or any other attributes you select.

  1. More converted leads overall

All this integration, tracking, and data-driven improvement add up to one thing: more sales. Throughout every stage of your campaign, your sales automation platform will keep track of each lead’s digital behavior, giving your sales staff in-depth lead scores and other helpful data. This means your salespeople will be able to reach out with personalized recommendations based on their email opens, searches on your website, social media comments and other clicks. And since marketers, who engage in proactive lead nurturing, say they’re three times as likely to achieve competitive advantages in terms of customer loyalty, those insights will add up to major improvements in your sales numbers.

From the first interaction with a new lead, all the way through to the final closing of a sale, a single-platform sales automation solution brings a full suite of sales and marketing tools to bear on each prospect’s individual journey. Whether you’re planning a drip campaign, interacting with them on social media, or reaching out for a personal sales call, an automation platform will make sure your staff always has the tools and data they need to meet each lead right where they are, and move them one step closer to a conversion.

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