Organise your Emails with Inbox in Agile CRM

Organise your Emails with Inbox in Agile CRM

Every sales person’s day starts with checking their inbox from an Email application and then responding to these messages in their CRM. What a waste of time shuttling between multiple systems!

We heard your request and have now solved this problem of shuttling between multiple systems to do your job. Enter the new feature in your Agile CRM we call Inbox. Agile CRM Inbox provides high-level overview of daily business within your CRM. All your Emails are organized within your CRM so you can spend less time on Emails and more on selling.

What else can Inbox feature do for you?

  • Automate Email: Trigger a campaign when contact opens an email or clicks a link in email.

trigger campagin


  • Activities: Track user email activities for audit trail.

track email


How to enable this feature?

Ready to give it a try and find some extra time to sell or just get some more time on your golf. Here are some tips and things to know:

  • Works with Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook using IMAP compatible Email system
  • Even works with multiple Email boxes. Inbox consolidates multiple Email accounts into single view within your Agile CRM as shown in the screenshot below.

2 Simple Steps to Configure Inbox

Step 1: Configure Settings

configuration settings


Step 2: Open Inbox

open inbox



With Agile CRM Inbox feature, you can now get an utmost integration with your Email system whether it is Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. This integration brings all of your Email within CRM so that you don’t have to shuttle between multiple systems making your sales process more efficient.

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Sri Gottipati

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