5 Important Marketing Assets to A/B Test and Why

5 Important Marketing Assets to A/B Test and Why

As a marketer, you want to create customers. That’s what you do. It also means you need to streamline the process for good results. As such, you’re not going to get far without rigorous A/B testing process. You need to know what works—otherwise, you’re wasting the company’s time.

So let’s discuss the important marketing assets that you need to A/B test.

1. CTA Buttons

This is the most powerful element of your website. Test this asset. Your conversion rate may depend on it. Experimentation is the only way to get it done.

  • Work on the placement of the button. It can be above the page fold or below it, or it can be a pop-up. Studies say below the fold CTA buttons increase conversion rates to 304 percent.
  • Color & size. The color matters. A green CTA button might get more conversions than the red one. Again: test.
  • Text matters. Never use more than 3 words.

2. Pricing Page

This is where you direct your customers and want them to act. Look into how you can differentiate your pricing page. There will be variants. Add a few different elements to check where the customers are clicking the most.

Once both variants are live, analyze which is getting more clicks. Highlight the importance of every package differently. It might help customers pick an option they haven’t found elsewhere.

3. Landing Page

Do this right and your customer will understand what your business is offering. Yes, design is important but so is the content. Too much content can drive users to leave and too little leaves them unimpressed. There is no set-in-stone rule for this. Again, you must test.

Try tutorial videos. If your product requires high understanding then a small, yet detailed video should help.

4. Signup Forms

You need to capture user information and you can procure more conversions through signups. Testing applies here, too. You need to determine the type of information fields to include, the length of the form and design of the form.

5. Subject Lines and Hyperlinks

Half of digital marketing is dependent on emails. As such, your email open rate is dependent on the subject line. Testing subject lines is imperative. Don’t use spammy words such as “now,” “free,” “click here,” etc.

Hyperlinks are also important, but they need to stand out and be relevant.

Once again, testing is critical. These tests are subjective, depending on what element you are targeting and which marketing asset you give priority to. Plan your A/B test. Keep tabs on how both the variants are working. This makes it easy to decide which variant works best with your strategy.

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