8 Ways to Increase Your Repeat Customers

8 Ways to Increase Your Repeat Customers

Businesses put much of their marketing efforts on customer acquisition. Though this is vital for gaining more revenue, customer retention can’t be overlooked. It’s the repeat customers who can help your business grow, and in the case of software-as-a-service model, they form the basis for your growth.

Here’s what you can do to increase your repeat customers:

#1: Keep Customer Service on Top

It goes without saying that a customer becomes more loyal when offered great customer service. Speed of resolution can differentiate and add value to any customer service model. A good helpdesk software can act as a helpful automation tool to enhance customer support. Resolutions will happen quickly, and the support reps will get to know all of the previous call information of a particular customer with the call logs. When integrated with CRM, the helpdesk software shortens the problem-solving cycle. If this software is used, the customers will not need to continuously repeat their problems to multiple service representatives.

#2: Break the Project into Multiple Stages

Businesses have to strive to make customer service better across all of the stages of a project. They can occasionally call their clients to check on their business. This way they can maintain a consistency in their service, as well as bring in more repeat customers.

#3: Customer-centric Sales Process

Incentives are common practices among businesses to gain customers. Another good option is to offer discounts on their next purchase if they tweet or share their experience with the product on other social media. It’s a win-win for both the business and the customer.

#4: Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs extend the concept of a customer-centric sales process, but they have their downside, too. Although they make a business more profitable with repeat customers and brand loyals, they can also spoil the brand by creating a perception among the customers of offering a product of a lesser value with more discounts. Even  loyalty can be the reason to get discounts, and not for its utilitarian value. Before implementing a loyalty program make sure to do a sample run.

#5: Ease of Onboarding

Don’t leave customers in the lurch after the sale. Take them through your product and help them with better ways of using it. They should feel that the company cares for them after the initial sale and offers support through onboarding.

#6: Value Current Customers

The golden rule of customer service is that you get repeat customers only when you value your existing customers. Use social media extensively for customer interactions. An all-in-one CRM gets you closer to your customer. Also, keep up with your customers through emails by sending them newsletters and product updates. Additionally, you can also send them thank you cards on purchases or upgrades to higher versions. Ensure that all paid customers are acknowledged in a different way. These practices will ultimately increase repeat customers.

#7: How-to Videos

Another good way to interact with customers is through explanation videos. These how-to videos can be posted on the company’s YouTube channel, with links shared in the onboarding emails. The video demos walk customers through a step-by-step process and put them in a better position to use the product.

#8: Invite Contributions

Invite your customers to write blogs or provide input for any case studies. This takes your marketing efforts up by a few notches to get user-generated content. Send them mailers to participate in group discussions and webinars. These will act as helpline sessions for them to get their queries solved.

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