Our New Android App

Our New Android App

Most sales agents aren’t in the office—they’re out in the field, meeting with clients. A CRM that only works in the office is limited and less useful than one that goes with sales staff no matter where they are located. Mobile support is therefore important.

We’ve long had a good mobile version of the Agile CRM dashboard so you can access your contacts and add sales data from the road. But that wasn’t good enough; we wanted to make mobile access even better, even easier.
So we’re pleased to announce that the Agile CRM mobile app for Android is now officially out (it has been in beta for a while, we made sure it was ready).

Get the Agile CRM Android App on the Google Play store.

With our Android app, you can work with your CRM data easily and elegantly. All the major Agile functionality is there, including assigning tasks to your team, having a complete 360 degree view of your contacts, tracking deals and milestones, drag-and-drop project management, marketing campaign building, automation features, and all the other functionality you love in Agile CRM.

The Android app also makes it easy for you to call your contacts that are stored in the CRM.

From the app, you can call multiple contacts in sequence with our auto-dialer, an important bit of functionality if you’re a sales agent making the rounds. Adding notes after the call also is easy within the app, as is setting deal milestones or adjusting lead status.

The Android app also integrates with RingCentral, Twilio and SIP accounts, allowing you to call your contacts and send text messages from your phone using these services.

One neat feature of the app is that you can use your existing phone plan to make outbound calls from within Agile CRM. You can click on a number within Agile CRM from a web browser and it will initiate a call from your mobile phone directly. There’s no need for VoIP or downloading anything. We think this is a first in the telephony and CRM world.

So if your phone runs on Android, and you use Agile CRM, check out our new Android app! It makes mobile contact management a lot easier.

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Peter Kowalke

Peter Kowalke is a journalist and editor who has been covering business, technology and lifestyle trends for more than 20 years.


Habib Shakir

about 2 years ago

Hello Peter! you wrote so well about your application and it is quite good i wish to add it to my collection


MobiLock Pro

about 1 year ago

Hi Peter, Thanks for sharing this CRM app. It's a very good android app for Sales team having a lot of features. This makes work much easier than the past.


mobile app development uae

about 6 months ago

This android app have very nice features and its also working 100% fast . keep making these apps more thank you .


Google Support

about 6 months ago

That's really good! I have discovered this right now and I shall definitely try it ...



about 7 days ago

good article


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