Get Things Done Faster with Our New User Interface

Get Things Done Faster with Our New User Interface

Okay, we admit it: There’s a lot baked into Agile CRM.

As an all-in-one CRM, we’ve included marketing, sales and customer service automation features that make Agile CRM really powerful and insanely complete for the price ($8.99 for a CRM with full-featured marketing and sales automation? Yes, really!).

All these features can make usability an issue, so we’ve worked hard to give you the power and complete toolkit of CRM functionality without making it complex or clunky.

While Agile CRM always has gotten high marks for usability, we’re not resting on our laurels. So we’ve just improved usability by adding a new, minimalistic next-generation theme to the platform.

The new theme avoids a lot of distracting color and organization, and makes Agile CRM’s various tools easy to navigate and use. We focused on a white color palette to minimize visual distractions and stick to just the basics.

This new theme is more inline with the latest web design trends, and so far our users have given a very enthusiastic response to the theme.

Didn’t realize that Agile CRM had themes? Yes, of course we do.


You can change the theme within your Agile CRM account by navigating to the user menu in the upper right of your account (where the image of your face is located) and clicking on Preferences. Under Preferences, you then can select Theme and Layout to make your theme choice.

We hope you like the new user interface with the minimalistic theme—and let us know what you think!

We’re always working on improving things by listening to our customers, too, so if you have a suggestion for how we can make Agile CRM even better then also please let us know! We make improvements to the product almost daily, most of them coming from customer feedback.

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about 2 years ago

Love the new user interface. I'm looking forward to being able to combine it with alternate colour themes.


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