Why Your Best Marketing Campaign is Stellar Customer Service

Why Your Best Marketing Campaign is Stellar Customer Service

The web is flooded with articles on an integrated approach of sales and marketing. How both the functions can work in tandem, and if they do so, how can they benefit the company in the long run helping it to achieve higher ROI. What gets talked about less is how marketing and customer service go together.

With the advent of social media, a lot of customers are hitting various channels to post their queries expecting a quick reply. This is changing the way communication percolates in and out of the businesses. Customer service relies heavily on social media management, which is primarily a marketing-driven function. This can be the first touchpoint for marketing and customer service to join hands and go seamlessly as the company grows its social presence.

Here’s a list of compelling reasons for a close alignment and better relationship between marketing and customer service.

1) Social Media Management

Quick resolutions on social channels can be made possible when marketing works in sync with customer service team. Social media management is a definitive marketing function, however, it can get a process overhaul with the involvement of customer service team.

With a better alignment of marketing and customer service, the business can channelize its communication and route the question to the right person. Even Sales and other departments can be involved in a more fruitful association that enhances the customer experience.


Simply put, when there is perfect sync across various departments, the service can be effective and all the posts, comments and tweets on social media can be sorted out quickly. A third-party tool can also be used for the social media management and collaborative work with other teams.

2) Ideas For Content Creation

Your customer service team is a potential goldmine for content ideas. They are always close to the customer and know the requirements and enhancements for your product, so they are in a better position to provide viable solutions that can translate into blogs and other content pieces in your content calendar.

Your team may be stuck at a juncture to churn out the right targeted content and the problem can be surpassed with a perfect alignment of customer service to bounce the ideas at you and also provide real-life customer examples. A good way is to share a spreadsheet and ask them to post all the viable content ideas.

3) Understand Buyer Personas

A peek into buyer personas helps you in a better understanding of their needs. If you haven’t thought of developing them, then make it your top priority. A true knowledge of the inner workings of your customers can place you in a better position to understand their interests, problems, needs and you can stretch that information to get quality leads and grow the business through product development.

Here’s a list of compelling reasons for a close alignment between marketing and customer service. Click To Tweet

Understanding buyer personas is critical for any marketing efforts and it’s only the customer service that can get you there. This helps marketing for designing a great marketing campaign that ultimately reflects in better customer service.

4) Set Customer Expectations

One feature of an effective marketing campaign is generating awareness among leads as how your products can help them with a solution to their business problem. When the leads are aware of all the benefits they may get after embracing your product, it becomes easy for your sales team to convert them into customers and later on become campaigners of your brand by enjoying a great customer service. So, don’t take a route of misleading campaigns to get more leads and invest wisely in creating awareness.


Here customer service team can set a trigger whenever the campaign backfires and gets an unhappy customer whose expectations are not met with your product. This helps you work seamlessly and align your marketing campaigns to avoid any inconsistencies in the future.

5) Consistent and Integrated Messaging

Whenever a buyer or a customer has a query related to a promotion or a referral program, they knock the door of the support team as their contact details are easily accessible. So when asked, if the support rep is not aware of what marketing team is cooking in their bay, he may be in an embarrassing situation before the customer.

Never let this happen for your business and make the support team aware of all your campaigns, blogs, webinars, newsletters and other promotions that will cause a spike in the call traffic to the support lines. They should also know where exactly this information is hosted on your website or blogs.

6) Promotion of Customer Happiness

It’s not just the customer problems, but the customer service team can share a lot with the marketing department. They can share success stories and testimonials of the customers as they are in a better position to identify customer happiness. When the Marketing team is planning to pen few case studies on the customer success, the service team can help them identify few happy customers to initiate the process.

If you are part of the Marketing team, plan your initiatives in accordance with other teams, especially the customer service team. Your best marketing campaign can transcend into stellar customer service, so leave no stone unturned by involving your support team in planning the events and campaigns. At Agile CRM, for example, all the marketing initiatives are planned with all the departments in unison.

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