Our Best Sales Automation Stories This Year

Our Best Sales Automation Stories This Year

Sales is the cornerstone for every business. If the sales team is not functioning well, it is also fair to say that your business is not doing well. So, is sales automation the answer?

Since sales matters a lot, businesses have been increasingly investing in sales automation as a way to grab more prospects and close more sales.

Roughly 65 percent of businesses have adopted a CRM tool at this point, and 53 percent of top-class companies are investing in a CRM to drive sales productivity; a CRM with good sales automation can do wonders for a business.

In fact, 50 percent of sales time that is wasted on unproductive prospecting and repetitive tasks can be eliminated using a CRM with sales automation.

Throughout the year, we’ve been discussing various aspects of sales automation. Here are our favorite stories on the topic.

6 Questions to Ask Before Implementing Sales Automation

It’s pretty clear that sales and marketing are two areas that lay the foundation for revenue, and effective automation of these areas requires good planning. Especially when it comes to sales, you need to take time to figure out the best way to automate your sales process. In this article, we discuss six important sales automation question to ask.

5 Sales Automation Features Your Business Needs

Nucleus Research shows that a CRM integrated with sales automation can increase sales team productivity by 26.4 percent. That’s how good sales automation can be for your business. However, when choosing this tool, not many businesses know which areas to automate. We answered that question To answer this question, in this article.

Qualifying Leads at Different Sales Level: A Checklist

It is crucial to understand your lead’s requirements before qualifying them for the purchase. Collecting this knowledge is not easy, however. By using this checklist that we rolled out, however, you can easily be qualifying leads at a different sales level.

4 Tips for Automating Your Sales Pipeline

Automating lead scoring based on their web behavior is one of the many ways you can automate your sales pipeline. However, not many of the businesses with sales teams are using this method. Currently, only 44 percent of businesses have a system that can automate the lead score. Your sales team needs to do more, and they can do more if you automate your sales pipeline. That’s exactly what we discuss in this article.

Sales Automation Cookbook: 3 Deal Management Workflows

You have your leads aligned, and you know they are sales-ready. Now, how are you planning to manage all the deals that are going to start and close? In this article, we explain three different type of deal management workflows that allows deal tracking, lead interaction tracking and sales forecasting. These workflows are ones that you can easily create within Agile CRM. So start learning about them now.

7 Tips To Boost Your Sales Gamification

It’s important to keep your sales agents motivated. One way is through gamification. A game-like environment will offer enough to keep your agents motivated and do more. You can have a big screen with a leaderboard that keeps flashing who is doing better than who, you can your own KPIs and see how easily the agents motivated. However, if you don’t know what to do exactly, read this article and boost your sales using gamification.

How Collaboration Increases the Effectiveness of Gamification

Creating a game-like environment for your agents can help you make sales more fun and achievable. However, when you collaborate, all parts and people in the business become more effective. Try and bring your employees out of their comfort zone and put them in the spotlight using leaderboard and rewards. Learn how you can use collaboration to increase the effectiveness of your gamification.

Why You Need a Unified Prospecting Platform

Sales prospecting require a lot of time and accurate management, and for this purpose having a unified platform that aligns sales, marketing and service together can be beneficial. Just the sales prospecting platform might improve your workflow management while prioritizing tasks. However, with a unified platform, sales teams can easily gain speed and efficiency at the same time as they bring important business aspects together. This is exactly what we discuss in this article.

What’s your favorite sales automation story from 2016? Let us know!

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