Why You Need a Unified Prospecting Platform

Why You Need a Unified Prospecting Platform

Direct sales often involves sales reps spending hours drafting a sales pitch and pushing it to their prospects,  only to face rejection at the end. Calls that yield few results are both time-consuming and discouraging. As a sales rep, you can streamline your process and offer a value to your buyers when you utilize sales prospecting – making the right call to the right person. This enables you to close more deals as you interact with sales-ready leads.

As prospecting is filled with objections, rejections and ignorance, doing it manually requires more work hours and more staff. Reps are likely to find the process tedious. So the best way to employ sales prospecting is to adopt a platform that focuses on quality leads and a new pipeline at the top of the funnel.

In a large pool of leads, the sales reps must be empowered to target the right ones that can convert into paying customers. In turn, they can harness relationships that may bring them warm introductions to prospects. The prospecting should support all channels such as email, phone, social, etc., and help you build and assign lists.

The automation must also get you to create workflows with task prioritization. It has to measure the results so that sales reps know how to engage the prospects and drive value in their conversations.

Advantages of Using Sales Prospecting Technology

There are specific requirements for sales reps from the prospecting tools. At present, they might be managing them manually or with other software, but a dedicated prospecting technology can add value to their work and save a lot of time. The migration to a unified platform that integrates sales, marketing and service automation can put you in a better position to target and land prospective buyers.

Here are few benefits of using a unified prospecting platform.

Speed and efficiency

Outbound sales prospecting requires building targeted lists of contacts and companies, maintaining a certain number of outbound interactions, and increasing the number of meetings and appointments scheduled in a month. To achieve all of these items and hit your goals while minimizing costs and manpower, you need a unified sales prospecting software.

One tool in place of many fragmented solutions

A common lead sourcing practice of sales reps is to track the buyer’s social profiles. In this case, you have to move across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Email tracking systems and many more. This causes a stretched sales cycle as the reps spend more time on these channels. Employing a unified tool that combines all these platforms quickly and efficiently frees up valuable time for sales reps.

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Unique situation needs specific goal tracking

Most CRMs are built for the generic purpose of contact management and tracking pipeline progression. They don’t offer a detailed approach to prospect, capture and book meetings. A role-specific solution can manage all aspects of goal tracking.

Scheduled and automated workflows

Divide your sales team into multiple groups and assign different workflows to them. For instance, the first group only sends emails and the second drops in voice messages. If the result shows that using all the outbound actions can fetch better results, then stick to that particular workflow. You can sit with the manager to set a successful workflow and automate the same in the tool to make the job easier.

Dashboard and analytics that give you metrics

The role of analytics is the key in sales prospecting. The further incorporation of technology can make the process better with each passing day. With the advent of automation tools in prospecting, you can create a workflow that works for your business. If email templates work best for you, go for it. Or you can rely on calls or voice messages. The data can tell you what works for your sales and help you take action accordingly.

More Qualified Meetings

Any outbound effort culminates at targeted meetings that get more sales. With the use of sales prospecting software, you can achieve that. More qualified appointments mean more sales-ready leads and finally, more closures.

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