Sales Automation Cookbook: 3 Deal Management Workflows

Sales Automation Cookbook: 3 Deal Management Workflows

Sales automation is all about automating and streamlining your sales. The functionality of this automation entails pipeline management, deal tracking, sales forecasting and customer interaction tracking, to name just a few. A good sales automation tool enables a business to understand and analyze the entire sales cycle.

Sales automation software should first and foremost keep track of all the potential opportunities by tracking deals, setting reminders and managing follow-ups through each stage. Sales reps can prioritize sales tasks by assigning rank to a lead automatically.

Another important feature of sales automation is to accurately forecast tools that predict deals, orders, and quotes. Companies can also access customer metrics such as order history and demographics to place themselves in a better position to seal any cross-sell and upsell opportunity.

Every sales process relies heavily on Deals and Agile CRM has all the advanced tools to push every deal into the zone of success. It enables you to create various deal tracks with automatic follow-ups, custom milestones, real-time deal metrics to close sales and predict future revenue.

Let’s take a look at some deal management workflows in sales automation using Agile CRM.


Add a contact to SDR self-qualified campaign. A tag name gets added to the contact automatically. Once that is done it will wait for 31 minutes. Then it checks for the condition node for the number of users. Based on the number of users, it adds a deal value.

For 2 – 5 users, the deal value will be $300 (static) and for 6-10 users, the deal value will be $500 (static). An auto email with a scheduling link is triggered to the lead asking to book a demo.


It waits for two days for any response from the lead and creates a task for the contact owner for the follow-up. It creates a task and sends a follow-up email to the customer and then it waits for four more days and sends a second reminder. This comes to a closure after ten days with a final reminder.

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In Agile CRM, campaign nodes related to Deals include ‘Add Deal’, ‘Has Deal’, ‘Update Deal’ and ‘Change Deal Milestone’. The drag-drop campaign workflow makes it easy to add new deal nodes, edit them to fit your needs, and move nodes around to create customized campaigns for optimal performance.

In this workflow, once we add a contact to deals post demo, it will send out an email saying “Thank you for your time today”. It waits for two days and checks whether there is an event scheduled or not. After that, it creates a task ( post demo follow-up ) for the contact owner. This keeps recurring until the milestone is changed to ‘Won’ or ‘100 percent’.



Once added to paid onboarding, the CRM triggers an email from the onboarding team member. Then it waits for two days and creates a task for onboarding.



With Agile CRM, you can take your deal management up by many notches. Its signature drag-and-drop workflow simplifies the process of creating them. You can quickly drag deals between milestones, edit details and change milestones. So you never miss an opportunity to close more sales. As seen in the workflows, you can automatically trigger campaigns based on the deal status.

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