5 Ways Content Marketing Can Drive Sales

5 Ways Content Marketing Can Drive Sales

If you were under the impression that content is only for marketers, then think again. With changing times, there has been a huge shift in how content can be used by various business teams to attract more customers. Salespeople who use only sales pitch and factual data on products can also use content to make an impact on the potential buyer.

Instead of just pushing the prospects to buy the product, sales reps can wisely play with content marketing to grab their attention. Using content marketing will help them to connect better with their prospects.

Here are five ways in which you can use content marketing to drive sales.

1. Prospects Self-Identify Their Needs

When you compel a prospect to buy a product, you are already pushing him away from the product. Don’t tell him what he needs to do or not do, but make a pathway so that he believes that he needs your product. Sell him your idea using content, and let him realize what he is missing.

For this result, you need to create content around the customer’s needs and concerns, and use this content to allure them to your website. Consider drip emailing for this process to send e-books and white papers to the prospect. You can have these content materials on your site as well and in a downloadable form.

2. Make Real Connections

According to a survey by Openview, prospects are 4.2 times more likely to opt for a product trial if you have a personal connection with them. These real, personal connections can’t be made just through a regular sales pitch.

Sending more sales pitch emails to your prospects after the first or second call is not going to cut it. You need to forge a connection with them using something personal and shareable. Here, again, you can use content marketing. Share relevant content with leads after the call to educate them and direct them to make their purchase decision in favor of your product.

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3. Add Value to Selling

Having good connections with the prospect adds value to the sales process. In our traditional selling techniques, we are biased towards making the buyer purchase without giving any emphasis on the buyer’s needs. Using content selling, we are going to do the same exact thing, but we will also focus on buyer’s needs and requirements.

To do this, you need to be very careful about your initial conversation with your prospect. Before you make the sales call, connect with the prospect, not through a sales pitch, but by using published articles and blogs that are related to the prospect’s needs. Share an interesting read that captures their attention and gives a head start when you call them.

4. Use Unique Content to Stay on Their Radar

You have a limited window of time to follow up and connect with prospective buyers. Doing this without annoying your prospect can be tricky and tough. Here, again, you can stay on their radar by using unique content.

By now you should have an understanding about your prospect’s interests and likes. So, share views, tips, and knowledge-based content with them, so that they may share their opinions with you. Use former materials on your product to help them gain more understanding of the product in order to build trust.

5. Provide Credibility

In the end, it’s product credibility that will help you secure the sale and cement your relationship with the buyer. To show the credibility of the product, you can use articles written by other customers and send them to the prospects. You can also use specific content, such as infographics, white papers and e-books that have been published on other sites to increase your product credibility in the prospect’s eyes.

To conclude, content marketing can drive sales. Relevant content can be used to gain a prospect’s attention and trust. Instead of mulling over the question of how you can use limited resources to connect with the prospect, look over it from a different angle. Use a content angle in multiple ways to get the prospect on your product’s side.

Also to drive sales and make your content get credibility QR Code maker can help. QR codes can be a valuable tool in content marketing. They provide a convenient way to bridge the gap between offline and online content, allowing users to quickly access additional information, resources, or interactive experiences related to your content. By incorporating QR codes in your marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, or product packaging, you can enhance the user experience and provide easy access to relevant content. QR codes can link to articles, blog posts, videos, product demos, or even lead capture forms, allowing you to deliver valuable content directly to your audience’s mobile devices. Additionally, QR codes can be tracked, providing insights into user engagement and helping you measure the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts.

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