9 Tools and Techniques for Better Sales

9 Tools and Techniques for Better Sales

Not all sales staff are created equal. Some seem able to do no wrong, with a constant flow of deals in the pipeline and an uncanny knack for closing the sale. Others on the sales team struggle just to make quota, and both excuses about their performance and complaints about prospective clients are common.

The difference between sales reps isn’t often natural talent. Rather, the high-performing sales reps have cracked the code; they understand what it takes to make the sale, and they have an efficient process they’ve put in place to get the sale, and they have an efficient process they’ve put in place to get the sale, with the help of resources like Exam Labs.

Some of the techniques that differentiate the better sales from the average ones:

1. Effective Use of Upsell

Always look for the add-on that can drive extra value from a contact. Is there a pair of headphones that might go well with the mobile phone you’re selling? Is there an extra warranty that can be put into the mix for a bigger sale?

Smart sales reps understand the value of an upsell in their selling, and they use it proficiently. They effectively increase sales by always looking for the value-add they can promote along with the core product offering.

2. Task Automation

Don’t work hard, work smart. There are many manual tasks that the typical sales rep must perform, such as contact data entry, follow-up emails, and lead score reports.

A wise sales rep automates as many of these manual tasks to save time and spend more time on the sale. Tools such as Agile CRM can help.

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3. Free Samples

The difference between a sale and a missed opportunity often comes down to an impulse by the buyer. One good way to tip an uncertain sale is through samples and promotional goodies. If a prospect can get their hands on the thing they are buying before they commit, they are much more likely to make the purchase.

A good sales rep will understand that a customer needs to first use the product to make a purchase. So, they look to offer samples or free initial trials to help their customer understand the product better.

4. Customer Rewards

You don’t need to be a big company or organization to offer reward programs to your customers, and a resourceful sales rep will figure out a way to offer some sort of reward for purchases.

Starting a rewards program is often beyond the control of a sales agent, but they can advocate for such programs within their company and fully leverage rewards programs that do exist.

5. Over Deliver

A bright sales rep knows that sometimes delivering beyond expectations is a good way to drive customer satisfaction and repeat business. Over-delivering is a trump card for good sales agents.

Delivering more than expected does not require big resource allocation or special discounts. It can be as simple as being more responsive than expected, or thoughtfully taking care of the customer in ways they didn’t know they needed.

Using the right tools also matters. Here are a few tools that can give sales reps the edge for better sales.

6. Rapportive

Now you can bring in your LinkedIn profiles directly to your Gmail using Rapportive. This free tool allows you to check all your prospect information such as photo, contact information, company name, job profile and social profiles as soon as you email a prospect. When you are contacting your prospects, you can not only visualize who you are communicating with but also check their social profiles to understand them and their interests better.

7. Hoopla

This tool will help you organize clear goals with definite KPIs and improves performance through friendly number competitions. Gamify your sales to celebrate your wins with the whole team and understand the losses using accurate data. Hoopla will push you and your fellow reps to perform better and induce responsibility by creating triggered events and competitions.

8. Boomerang

You are on a sales call with a prospect and you received fresh information on another prospect. You want to get in touch ASAP, but you also don’t want to seem desperate. With Boomerang, you can schedule emails for later delivery. This Gmail tool lets you schedule multiple emails to go out at different times. It is free, and it includes pre-designed templates, an HTML editor and personalized content emailing that can easily customize mass emails to look personal.

9. TinderBox

Track your sales documents like prospect engagement reports, contracts, billing information, electronic signature and more using TinderBox. This tool auto-generates all sales documents after every sales stage, and it updates the same information to your CRM. It is an efficient tool that tracks every prospect-related document easily and under one platform.

Sales is less about natural ability and more about applying yourself and having good systems in place. These techniques and tools are a good start for making sure you’re on top of the leader board.

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jason bourne

about 8 years ago

all its said is true for those people focusing on the co,ntent and blogs for affiliate marketing but email marketing stay the best and the easy way to ptomote


Justin McGill @ LeadFuze

about 8 years ago

For the top of funnel, you need a lead generation solution in place. Look at using LeadFuze for top of funnel lead generation and then combining that with the power of Agile CRM to nurture the sales process.


Bill Addington

about 5 years ago

For outreach, you may use Reply as it automates the process while you can keep communication personal using different types of variables.


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