5 of Our Favorite Customer Service Stories of 2016

5 of Our Favorite Customer Service Stories of 2016

Customer service builds trust, and customer trust means your business is in stable space. Not many businesses achieve this space without offering great customer service to their customer. The biggest example of “good customer service builds big brands” is Apple. This company has been focusing on their customers through and through, hence 90 percent of customers are brand loyal and keep coming back to the company.

The whole point of offering this service is to go “all-in”, because offering mild and just-right services can never take any brands to places. Daymond John, a pioneer entrepreneur and an influencer, said that to over-deliver in service to a customer is by far the most valuable thing to a business. That’s what businesses need to understand.

Providing these services to your customers is not easy but once you have strategized process set, you can accurately bring back your existing customers to do more business with you.  We have been discussing many customer service stories and other topics related it this year 2016. To bring the back few and refresh your memory –

Here are our five favorite customer service stories that you need to read again:

1. 6 Incentives To Offer To Unhappy Customers

Luring back unhappy customers to the same product/service is a genius tact that needs to be done right or else it can backfire your brand. Offering incentives to your customers who had a bad experience with your product/service can be a stepping stone towards rekindling this relationship. However, how you do this without being salesy and offer something that your customers can’t say no to.

In this article, we discuss how you can use six different types of incentives to lure your customer back. It is important to offer something value-add to your customer, at the same time, something that is in-sync with their buying cycle. If these two points are followed and correct incentive is offered, your customer will return efficiently.

2. 4 Ways for Fostering Brand Champions

Your business needs brand champions to reach its goals and you should never estimate the power of brand champions. Apple is the market leader because of its brand champions who promote and recommend the brand’s products. The brand in return have been innovating with the product to ensure they offer something value-added to its loyal customers.

That’s how you create brand champions. You need to innovate with the product to ensure that your customers keep coming back to you. We discuss this and more such tactics that you can use to foster brand champions for your product.

3. 5 Customer Service Automations You Need

Offering exceptional customer service is not an option, it is a need of every business – big or small. However, being there for your customers 24/7, 365 days can be tough and sort of impossible. Most of the times, because of huge number of tickets reps might not be able to resolve the issue in an timely manners. Such misses affects your customer experience.

For this reason, we decided to do an article that explains how customer service automation is important and the 5 top automations you need to opt for your business today. Automation allows you to manage your tasks better by automation manual tasks that doesn’t require human interference.

4. 6 Best Practices For Support Ticket Prioritization

Like I was saying, how crucial it is that you keep up with your service and ensure all your customer queries are answered in a timely manner. However, with the number of tickets you receive in a day, it might get tough to answer all of them at the same time or few tickets fall through cracks of no prioritization.

Hence, setting up a ticket prioritization process is crucial. In this article, we explain six best practices that your service team can use to prioritize the tickets in a more accurate and efficient way. Using this best practices, you can ease your support ticket process.

5. Why You Should Integrate Your CRM and Customer Service

Having separate systems does not only increase the investment but also make the data management inefficient. A different CRM and service system brings in discontinuity in the messaging. However many business still opt for different systems instead of one integrated one.

Especially for SMBs, it is important to have both the systems together as it makes more affordable and streamlines the data and communication. Our article on this is about why businesses should opt for a system that offers CRM and service together.

These were our five favorite picks for the service and we would like to know if these articles were helpful to you. Do drop us a line in case you want us to cover something specific.

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