8 of Our Favorite Marketing Automation Stories in 2016

8 of Our Favorite Marketing Automation Stories in 2016

Marketing automation is hot. Nearly 63 percent of businesses are extensively using it, and roughly 37 percent of businesses achieved best-in-class status with its use. That might be why there are more than 215 of these solutions in the industry, Agile CRM included.

Yet, according to co-founder of CRM Essentials, Brent Leary, this automation will gain more momentum in the coming years as companies recognize its critical role in communicating with customers.

We’re, of course, big fans of the power of what this automation can do—and we write about it a lot. Here are eight of our favorite blog posts this year about how you can use marketing automation to improve your business.

Would You Hire The Marketing Automation Robot?

We put together this quirky infographic where we explain why businesses need to use marketing automation, and why Agile CRM’s version is better than the rest. Knowing the evolution of any technology is important, and that’s what we discuss in this blog post. In the piece, we help you discover how this automation came to be.

7 Tips to Save Time

Marketing automation has many benefits of its own, but it’s primary benefit is that it saves time. Yet, if you are not using it properly you would never know how this tool can help you save time. Marketing teams can better identify and qualify leads through this automation, and it will improve your email marketing with no additional time required.

5 Cloud Services for Marketing Every SMB Should Consider

Yes, it is a must for every SMB because it streamlines and improves the process. However, there are some other cloud services as well that SMBs need to adopt for improved marketing actions. In this article, we discuss the other affordable cloud services SMBs can use in addition to Agile CRM.

5 Essential Features for Better Sales

B2B marketers increase their sales pipeline contribution by 10 percent on average by implementing marketing automation. If you thought this automation was just about marketing, think again. If used smartly, it can ease the sales cycle for your sales team. We show you how in this article about sales teams leveraging marketing automation for their sales process.

10 Key Marketing Metrics to Watch

Hunches are good, but metrics matter more. In this article, we talk about different marketing metrics that every marketer should consider using to measure their marketing efforts.

Better Referral Follow-up

With the help of this automation, marketers can easily expedite their referral programs instead of being dependent of word-of-mouth. Including email campaigns and sending out targeted emails to customers based on personas can be one way of using this tool for referrals. For more information, you should read this article and learn how this tool can be beneficial for referral programs.

8 Benefits of Marketing Automation for Other Areas of Your Business

In this article, we show eight ways in which this automation can help other business areas to improve their quality and effectiveness. In this article, we discuss how this tool extend its usability beyond just marketing.

How Marketing Automation Solves Four Common Customer Service Issues

Another business areas in which this automation can be helpful is customer service. Yes, this tool allows service reps to offer personalized services to the customers through various methods. Learn how this tool can help solve four common service issues easily in this article.

Which of these articles were your favorite? Let us know!

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about 2 years ago

Great post compilation. Marketing automation is great to save time especially if there's a lot of repetitive tasks. I started using GetResponse recently. My favorite articles are: 7 Tips to Save Time and 10 Key Marketing Metrics to Watch. :)


Mike w

about 2 years ago

Hmmm .... I must have missed the stories.


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