Now Your Business Has Push Notification

Now Your Business Has Push Notification

Arguably one of the killer apps of the smartphone, at least from a marketing perspective, is push notification. The ability to send targeted alerts to customers is insanely powerful from a marketing and sales perspective, and 50 percent of users also say they like notifications for their power to deliver timely updates. This feature is truly win-win for businesses and customers alike.

While you still need to build an app for smartphone push notification (although using text message notification through Agile CRM and Twilio integration is a notable workaround), you now can harness the power of this notification on the desktop with Agile CRM’s push notification feature.

Here are four ways small businesses can leverage customer engagement using push notification.

1. Re-engage with Customers

Small businesses use emails to reconnect with the existing customers, but this practice often doesn’t yield much in the way of results. Customers rarely read marketing emails because businesses have exhausted email usage by over-using it. Customers now are weary of marketing email unless it is highly targeted and customized (Agile CRM can help with customized marketing email, by the way). And if a customer does read a marketing email, often the real message is buried deep in the email and the customer never gets around to reading the whole thing.

Push notification gets around this, however. Instead of sending an email, send a notification. This type of notification is less intrusive and easier to connect with, since pop-ups in real-time are less likely to get lost in the shuffle.

2.Targeted Messages for Customer Retention

Customization goes a long way when you are trying to bring back customers to your product or service. You can use your customer history saved in Agile CRM and use web analytics to understand their recent activities. Based on this information, you can create customized messages that are sent via this type of notification.

Personalized content gets higher engagement and customers connect with it more easily. So if the customer checked out your product page but never showed direct interest, send an offer code or a freebie using this notification. Real-time push ensures that customers get back faster.

3. Share Something Non-Product Related

When carefully curated, sending a non-product related message can delight and surprise your customers (but only when carefully chosen, of course). Push notification can be a great vehicle for these messages.

You can send holiday greetings, for instance, or an unexpected “thank you for being our customer—and here’s a gift.” You can add pictures to oomph this up a little, too. Surprise your customers and do something out-of-the-box.

4. Daily Interactions and Actions

Using this type of notification, you can easily interact with your customers regularly. You can inform them about a new product, service or update, a new content piece you want to share with them, any offer or discount, or just a casual “Thank God Its Friday. Plan Weekend Now.”

This is one of the most exciting features of Agile CRM that flies under the radar. Are you taking advantage of push notification?

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