Our Favorite Better Sales Tips

Our Favorite Better Sales Tips

A reported 2 percent of sales deals are cracked at the first contact. Prospects who buy at first contact know the sales rep is trustworthy and are confident of their purchase. The remaining 98 percent still needs to build that trust to make the deal.

Sales reps need to understand their prospects and improve their selling techniques. To improve sales techniques, you need listen to your prospects and give them the right information. You also need certain tools.

A few important tips that will help you do better sales in no time.

1. How to Listen for Better Sales


Listen to your prospect. Without the listening, you can’t sell. Cracking the deal lies in effective interaction. Before you even pitch to your prospects, prepare an action plan to understand your prospect. In our How to Listen for Better Sales article, we help you create an action plan that will help you connect with your prospect better. It’s all about active listening and participating.

2. 7 Elements of a Perfect Sales Pitch


Once you start listening and interaction, you can move on to your sales pitch. Use all that you have heard from your prospect. Make a compelling foundation for your product and offer the solution. There are seven common, yet important elements that you need to use to perfect your sales pitch.

3. 5 Simple Tips for Better a Sales Call

You have your pitch ready and you are about to make contact with your prospect. This is make-or-break territory. Initiate contact and be confident. Never start the call with the sales pitch. In fact, be friendly and chat a little about their business and then naturally slip in your pitch.

4. 5 Best Practices: After the Sales Call

After sales call

There is more to do after the sales call than you can realize. Your prospect will check your website, read more about your product and try to form an opinion about it. They will analyze your product to determine if it is actually the best solution. You have to ensure that you keep feeding your prospects with rich content and information. You want them to side with you. Form a strategy for things to do after your sales call and follow it rigorously.

5. 9 Tools and Techniques for Better Sales

It’s good to have some useful tools and techniques up your sleeves. We can give you nine perfect solutions to improve your sales. Even if you think you don’t have the knack for it, you can learn some now.

6. Seal Your Sales Funnel with Zapier and Agile CRM


Now we’ve shown you how to increase sales and you need to push yourself to be a warrior. A successful sales warrior cuts deals and focuses on building a relationship with prospects. Streamline your tasks, focus on those that are important and automate everything else. In this article, you will learn how to integrate and use Zapier in Agile CRM.

Let us know if any of our tips help you perform better.

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