Why Agile Helpdesk And Not The Others?

Why Agile Helpdesk And Not The Others?

Earlier, for an SMB, the whole purpose of having a CRM was to enable easy contact management using automation. This concept of CRM has changed with today’s evolving business needs, and in this digital era, we seek a platform with complete automation. However, even with complete automation, you are still restricted to sales and marketing; thus making you dependent on various software for service automation.

Other players who provide complete service and ticketing automation require you to compromise on achieving a unified customer journey. This is because you have to monitor two different systems for a single purpose. However, this can easily be solved if you opt for a CRM integrated with service automation.

This is the basis on which we decided to differentiate our CRM product with other players. After helping SMBs with sales and marketing automation, Agile CRM is offering a next-gen Helpdesk software integrated with our CRM.

Here are eight reasons why Agile Helpdesk solution will work best for your SMB:

1. All-in-One System

Having a separate service and ticketing system can be uncompromising as you will be merging two different systems with one another. However, having an all-in-one CRM where your marketing, sales and service are integrated together, is more pliable.

In this kind of system, all your contacts are easy to manage, your tasks are viewed in a single dashboard and your customer interactions are tracked in one centralized system.

2. Customer Prioritization

With a unified system, where your CRM and ticketing are integrated, you can easily analyze and prioritize your customer tickets based on customer categorization (VIP or non-VIP, paid or free) and past interactions. However, with different systems, it gets difficult to track customer history and to understand which customer falls under the priority bracket so that the first preference is provided accordingly.

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3. Tags for Automated Responses

A separate service and ticketing system may allow you to tag your tickets for better categorization. However, having to send a completely automated response based on tags can be hard to achieve. With Agile, you can not only segregate tickets based on various tags but also send canned responses based on tags allotted to tickets.

Say if you have tagged a ticket as refund, then you can also allot a canned response related to that tag. This helps you send your first reply to your customers much faster than usual.

4. 360 Degree View Of A Customer

Using complete CRM integration can help you track, review and categorize customer information and communication easily. Our integrated CRM will help you monitor customer data flowing from various channels or mediums quickly. It eases the recording and reviewing of data flowing from different teams at different time zones. All the key information is stored in a central system categorized under different customers.

Here, by negating the extra software integration from a different platform, you are restricting data leaks and data duplication. To add to this, you can monitor any customer information under one-single page view.

5. Ease in Upsell & Cross-Sell

With this centralized system, customer reps can efficiently upsell and cross-sell as they have access to the complete customer journey. The centralized system will provide quick insights on the customer’s web behavior and products/upgrades they like on your website. Through these insights, the reps can identify and upsell or cross-sell opportunity, create a relevant pitch and earn more business for the company.

Thereupon, using the continuity of data flow, reps can easily identify more business opportunities with current customers.

6. Cost Minimization

A sales and marketing CRM integrated with service automation sounds like a more lucrative option for any SMB; than investing in a CRM system and further, in a separate service and ticketing system. Instead of spending on two different systems, SMBs can use this fund to opt for more upgrades or add more features to their current CRM.

7. Eliminate Technical Integration

Merging two different systems together requires heavy technical support, and sometimes, the process might lead to data leakage and misalignment. This is because two separate software work on two different platform architecture.

Hence, by opting for a single CRM platform that provides marketing, sales and service automation, you are eliminating the technical integration process, thereby, protecting your data from any leakage or duplication.

8. Monitor Tracking and Reporting Metrics

A unified platform makes it easier to pull metrics on tracking and reporting. You can track emails and conversations that take place on a daily basis. Get end-to-end stats on tickets raised / closed and also on tickets facing deviations on your CRM dashboard.

You can also get a complete view of various report metrics such as resolved and priority tickets, SLAs, first-response time and also a more direct outlook on your CRM dashboard.

Agile’s Helpdesk offers features that are at par with any other platform. Our service automation helps to enhance reps’ performance by not just automating ticketing but also the whole customer service process.

It’s our constant endeavor to help SMBs to sell and market like the Fortune 500 and to provide automation that helps them optimize their business. Spread #AgileLove

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about 2 years ago

Having the ability to attach images via the Agile help desk to clients would be a HUGE asset!


Shreyansh Surana

about 2 years ago

Hi Sheila We are working on it and should be released very soon. if you feel this is something which lot of Agile users would benefits, would recommend you to put this on our UserVoice - https://agilecrmcom.uservoice.com/. Our Dev teams will take it on priority based on votes. Thank you.


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