Five Tips to Connect with Customers by Email

Five Tips to Connect with Customers by Email

Some quick food for thought for a business that thrives on email marketing is that it’s not just about sending organized ‘blasts’ to prospects and customers. There’s more to it and that added dose of establishing a personal connection with the world is at the heart of email marketing.

A common perception in this front is the use of email marketing as a vehicle to push your ads to prospects and customers. However, going forward, this approach may see a dip in the effectiveness of your campaigns as emails can carry a lot of ‘value’ than promotional flyers and weekly newsletters.

The aim of every business is to add value to the product and build trusts among its customers, and to extend this further they have to improve the conversations with customers so that they will cling to your product as brand loyals.

Bring the necessary awareness to drive conversations through emails and cash on a massive opportunity that takes you closer to your customer by resonating with them.

Here are five quick tips that can help connect with customers better.

1. Provide Value

What if your subscribers don’t take your emails as top priority. To get out of this problem, make the emails worthy of their time. Ensure that every email is either solving a query or answering common questions about your product or company.

A welcome email can carry an infographic of ‘Getting started’ with a particular feature. Rather than the customer browsing the website to know the workflows and how to start using a feature, he can simply take the help of the image in the email. This adds value to your communication.

2. Make it Engaging

Use KISS strategy for you emails. Keep your content short, simple and engaging by providing helpful tips. Despite their busy schedules, your customers open your emails if they are crisp and relevant to them. Add a little humor or arresting visuals to enliven the email. This captures their interest and glues them to your mails.

3. There’s Always More Content

Don’t quickly jump into a content writing marathon. You might have done a piece on a similar topic earlier, and now for the present email you can reposition or do an upgrade. Simply put, you are using the same content for various purposes. If you run a quick search you can get few with a proven record of customer engagement.

There are different suggestions you might have offered to your customers to steer them from a problem. Why don’t you use the same for others?

4. Avoid Spammy Keywords

A nice way of drafting the mails is to avoid spammy words and sugary messages that won’t pass the spam filters. Words to avoid include help, free, guarantee, service, etc. Avoid shaping the subject line like a sales pitch so that it clears the spam filter.

5. Grab Eyeballs

For an everlasting relationship with your customers, don’t look at your customers as dollar wagons. This will enhance their trust as you tread a different path to dish out customer happiness. Your customers may fall into a diverse cluster with different habitat and working style, so they can open the promotional emails at any point in time – on the way to work, after dinner, on the way to home, and so on.

The number of people who are part of your bulk mailing list along with the preferred time of their email opens can translate into a good metric to get closer to your customer base. A unified communication approach while addressing a lot of customers is the need of the hour. And in this process of automation you can induce a tinge of personalization while you imbibe the philosophy of building connection rather than pouring repelling blasts.

The golden rule of marketing is to keep the customer at the nerve center of business, realize their need and serve them better. So they are the initiators of success for you. Keep this tips handy for sending better emails with customer-centric approach.

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