How Marketing Automation Solves Four Common Customer Service Issues

How Marketing Automation Solves Four Common Customer Service Issues

If your company isn’t using marketing automation yet, you have some obvious room for better business processes.

A study by the Aberdeen Group found that companies who use marketing automation see 53 percent higher conversion rates, as well as a 3 percent higher annual revenue growth than non-users.

While marketing and sales efficiency benefit handsomely from automation, what many businesses don’t realize is that it also can improve customer service.

How Marketing Automation Helps Customer Service

Marketing automation provides businesses with a platform to deliver customized content that effectively turns prospects into customers, and also allows personalized messaging to allow for the best customer service experience.

To give you an idea of how this automation can benefit your customer support operation, here are four common customer complains and how automation can help.

Common Complaint #1: “Your company is sending me emails that I have no interest in. Blocked!”

Don’t end up in the spam folder by sending unwanted emails to customers who have no interest in the subject. This is a common customer complaint that often results in emails never being opened.

Solution: With marketing automation, you can separate your clients by interest, then target them with email segmentation.

Amazon is great at this. Most of us enjoy emails that let us know when a new book by an author we enjoy is now online, or finding out that the 4K TV we’ve been eyeing is on sale. Amazon uses this automation for highly customized email that customers actually want to read.

With customization through email marketing, you get more clicks, conversions and opens. This ultimately benefits your bottom line. Automating emails also allows you to figure out what works by scoring clicks and engagements.

Customer care is improved because you’re feeding customers material they actually want!

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Common Complaint #2: “I’m interested in your product, but I haven’t heard back from anyone.”

When a customer feels neglected, they usually go elsewhere. And if you’re waiting on a report to tell you who is interested in something, you’re already one step behind.

Solution: Marketing automation allows you to see what customers want in real-time through prospect tracking and alerts, and it also enables you to see which support pages the customer visits. This helps you quickly identify when a customer has a need, and how you can help.

Automation also can automatically prioritize support requests and make sure that issues and requests are handled in an appropriate timeframe.

Common Complaint #3: “I just want information! I don’t need a sales call yet!”

Overly aggressive sales can put off prospects fast and turn a loyal customer into a former customer. Marketing automation can help.

Solution: Marketing automation allows you to nurture leads. If a customer wants educational materials, but isn’t quite ready to make a purchase, you are able to communicate the information effectively, while keeping tabs on the prospective client. After a client receives the information that they are looking for, they are more likely to call when it comes time to make a purchase. You also now know exactly what the perspective customer is interested in, and can customize content based on what they are looking for.

Common Complaint #4: “I have a problem! Your product is not working, and I’ve been on the phone for an hour with no answers!”

Solution: Marketing automation allows your team to communicate effectively. If a tricky question comes in, you can direct the question to a specific team member and get answers quickly. No matter what platform you use, communication is always key to keeping customers happy. This automation allows for a quicker response time by automating routing and prioritization.

So if you’re not already using marketing automation, you should be. And not just for marketing and sales, but also for customer service.

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