Warm Call Transfer (Beta Release)

Telephony is crucial to the success of your sales process and that is something every sales person will vouch for. With Agile CRM’s next-generation telephony integration, you can make outbound calls, accept inbound calls, take call notes, record & play calls back, drop voicemails, redirect calls, use the auto dialer to run call campaigns, use pre-defined call scripts and more. But now, there is more reason to celebrate.

Agile CRM announces the beta release of ‘Warm Call Transfer’ feature

Now, we have taken our telephony integration a notch higher with the beta release of our new feature ‘Warm Call Transfer’. Agile CRM now allows your agents to transfer calls to other agents without dropping the customer from the call. This is known as ‘Warm Call Transfer’. With Warm Call Transfer, you do not need to get disconnected from a call while it is in the process of being transferred to someone else. With Warm Call Transfer, your agents will be able to dial other agents in real-time.

Below is how Warm Call Transfer works

  • Customer calls in the business and gets connected to agent A
  • If agent A needs to dial in another agent, say agent B, then agent A can dial agent B from within Agile CRM
  • The customer then stays on the line without disconnecting while agent A dials in agent B
  • Once agent B joins in, call conference is established between the customer, agent A and agent B
  • Agent A can drop the call if needed without disconnecting the call between customer & agent B

How to perform Warm Call Transfer in Agile CRM

Using Warm Call Transfer in Agile CRM is very simple actually. When a customer dials in, one of the agents, say agent A answers the call. If the agent A needs to bring in another agent, say agent B, then agent A needs to follow the following steps:

  • Go to the contact page of agent B
  • Click on the Twilio icon against the contact number of agent B
  • Agile CRM will put the customer on hold and will dial in agent B
  • Once agent B answers, all three are put into call conference.

The benefits of Warm Call Transfer are immense

  • Customers are the real winners with this new feature. For long, interacting with customer support has been a very frustrating process and calling multiple times to receive assistance or answers can be very time consuming. With Warm Call Transfer, customers do not need to call in multiple times to reach the correct support agent.
  • This feature is also beneficial for agents. Previously, agents would receive calls from customers without having any context or background about the support issue. With Warm Call Transfer, agents can discuss and collaborate on customer issues prior to dialing in the customer

Our new Warm Call Transfer feature is incredibly simple to use, the agents don’t need any complex training to start using the feature. So, go ahead and start making the most of this amazing feature.

Important note: We currently support call conferencing for 3 people only. Warm Call Transfer is supported only by Twilio. Having more than 3 people in the Warm Call Transfer might raise functionality issues. Contacts cannot be added to Warm Call Transfer from dial & call campaigns.

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