Take control of your email inbox with these 8 tools

4.3 billion people all around the globe use email on a daily basis. The average number of emails an office employee gets every day is 121. Email is not dead and it will never be. More than 60 percent of professionals use email as their go-to means of communication.

Emails are fast, reliable and easy to use. Marketers consider email marketing an effective way for brands to connect with customers, which leads to more production time being spent on sending and reading emails. A recent study showed that approximately 28 percent of an employee’s production time is dedicated to email, which can lead to an unwieldy inbox.

Here are eight tools that can help regain control on your email inbox.

1. Boomerang

Boomerang is a Chrome extension that allows you to schedule emails and get reminders for your Gmail account. With it, you can achieve Inbox Zero in minutes. It’s easy to navigate and straightforward. Add follow-up reminders, manage when emails are sent and archive messages. This tool is compatible with mobile phones as well and makes scheduling emails simple and fast. The basic features are free to use, but there is also a paid version with more. Boomerang works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

2. Unroll.me

Spam and mass emails are not an anomaly. They are consistent and can be annoying. However, you may want to stay on some lists while unsubscribing from others. Doing this manually can eat up a lot of time. Meet Unroll.me. This free tool allows you mass unsubscribe from newsletters. You can choose entire lists in bulk or pick the ones you want to keep. It is compatible with Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo! Mail, and AOL mail.

3. Taskforce

Using one tool to check emails and another tool to add to-dos or notes is a waste of time. Taskforce is a Gmail app that converts your emails into to-dos, lets you add notes, assign tasks to others, set reminders, and more—all with a few clicks. It is free for a week and upgrades to $5/month for individuals.

28 percent of an employee’s production time is dedicated to email, which can lead to an unwieldy inbox. Click To Tweet

4. FollowUpThen

With FollowUpThen, adding a reminder is as simple as using a particular email address. All you need to do with this free app is add “every15days@followupthen.com,” “tomorrow@followupthen.com,” “30Sept315pm@followupthen.com” and so on to your To, CC or BCC fields.

  • To: It will send a follow-up email to you directly
  • CC: It will send a follow-up email to you and the recipient
  • BCC: It will send a follow-up email just to you (not bothering the recipient)

5. Agile CRM

Agile CRM syncs your Gmail and Outlook inboxes and allows you to automate emails, customized bulk emails and newsletter campaigns easily. Agile CRM’s email marketing features let you send personalized and customized emails to all your contacts at once. You also get premade designs that you can use in your emails or newsletters. Add tasks and notes to your emails and get notified whenever a deadline is approaching. You can also get push alerts whenever you receive an email.

6. The Email Game

The Email Game is all about gamifying your inbox. You get five seconds to decide on an action per email—such as reply, delete, archive and resurface, just archive, skip, and more. If you choose the reply action, then you get only three minutes to send the reply. Each action carries specific points, and if you fail, you are penalized.

7. Checker Plus

Checker Plus is a Chrome extension for Gmail that helps handle multiple accounts without switching to different inboxes. This desktop notification tool allows instant email alerts even if Gmail is not open. You can read, respond to or delete emails without opening a new tab or going near your inbox.

8. Hiver

Hiver lets you and your team manage shared mailboxes right from your Gmail account. This tool makes it easier for you to share emails, assign tasks, track status and delegate emails to other team members. It allows you to share labels, notes, tasks, and more with three members in the free version. To get access to other features and add more members to the group, there are various pricing plans.

These eight tools will help you take control of your email inbox and increase productivity. As always, let us know if there are any other tools you use to control email inflow and outflow in the comments below.

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