Streamline Your Work Travel with Agile CRM Map View

Streamline Your Work Travel with Agile CRM Map View

Your sales team likely spends significant amounts of time traveling to meet with prospects and existing customers. Sometimes, they might spend an entire day or more traveling for what turns out to be a relatively short in-person meeting. But you don’t necessarily have to chalk that travel time up as a loss; with the right tools, your team can make the most of the work travel by checking in with other prospects in the area once they arrive. How do you ask? With tools such as Agile CRM’s Map View.

Find Leads That Are Close to You

You store the contact information of your leads and customers in Agile CRM. That includes their physical address. Map View collates all that geographical data and presents you with a visual representation of their location. You can ask the system to return all leads within a 20-mile radius of where you are. Or, if you’re in a heavily populated urban area, set it for a radius of one or two miles and check out who is close to you. You’ll always make the most of your work travel time.

Make More Informed Decisions

With the geodata of all your customers and prospects at your disposal, you can gain a view into the regions where your brand presence is growing and where it is not. See which regions have a growing number of prospects and which do not. Leverage this insight to make more informed decisions about where to expand your efforts and where to contact them.

Plan and Streamline Customer Visits

Planning customer visits is a breeze when you can organize and coordinate the entire trip form the same application. Agile CRM empowers you to open the contact record of the customer you are visiting, check their geolocation on Map View, plan and optimize your route with the map, and then email them to confirm your visit, all without leaving the Agile CRM app.

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Sri Gottipati

Sri Gottipati

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