How to Prospect Better With Agile CRM & RingCentral Integration

How to Prospect Better With Agile CRM & RingCentral Integration

Sixty percent of business interactions happen via phone call. That figure illustrates how crucial having a telephone system in your CRM is. In years past, it was difficult to integrate telephony with CRM systems—they were completely different from each other in terms of applications as well as networks.

However, the cloud has allowed the merging of the two systems. Telephony integration with a cloud system like RingCentral is easy to achieve. RingCentral, coupled with a CRM, allows businesses to make, receive, record and do much more without running between two systems. Even better, the data is saved under one platform, keeping it intact.

One fantastic RingCentral integration is with Agile CRM. This cloud phone system seamlessly integrates with our CRM and allows quick call monitoring, record keeping and more.

Let’s discuss how Agile CRM and RingCentral integration can benefit your business.

1. Save Time with One-Click Calls

One-click calling means you don’t have input numbers to search for the contact. Instead, you can make a call directly from the contact’s page. Just click the RingCentral call icon and you will get connected.

Receiving calls is as easy as making calls directly on the dashboard. You will be notified on the dashboard itself. It also provides a virtual dial-pad, allowing you to navigate other extensions.

2. Access Contact Information While on Call

RingCentral gives you access to all the contact’s information while on the call. Reps can check caller details, caller history and information on the contact’s page. Sales and support reps don’t have time to look for notes when on a call, so this integration makes it easy for them to access pertinent data without any hindrance.

3. Monitor and Record Calls

Call monitoring and recording can be useful for training and feedback purposes. Sales and support managers who want to listen to the reps’ calls to understand their customer-handling skills can do that easily from the CRM.

4. Add Managers to Your Calls

RingCentral call monitoring lets managers take over calls when required and offer their expertise to reps who are in need. Managers can enter calls in case of emergencies without any disconnections. This easy call-hopping allows managers to handle tricky situations with the customers or leads and to monitor or give notes to reps when required.

5. Schedule Emails and Make Notes

This integration not only allows you to make, receive, monitor and record calls, but also allows to add notes and schedule emails while on the call. Since reps don’t have the time to grab a notebook, using RingCentral lets reps directly add notes on a contact’s page. They can also schedule follow-up emails to be sent to the contact while on the call.

RingCentral integration with the Agile CRM is great for any sales or service team because it eases calling and tackling other tasks while on the call. It’s time for reps to start using an integrated CRM rather than juggling between two different systems.

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