Make Calls to Your Android Phone from Within Agile CRM

Make Calls to Your Android Phone from Within Agile CRM

One of the features we’re pretty excited about is Agile CRM’s new Asterisk integration. The integration allows businesses that use the Asterisk PBX to click on a phone number in Agile CRM and have their business phone automatically dial the number.

This is really useful functionality for firms that use the open source PBX, but not all our users have Asterisk. We didn’t want to leave these users without similar functionality, so we’ve also recently rolled out similar functionality for Android mobile phones.
You now can click on a phone number in Agile CRM on your web browser and have your Android phone automatically dial the number.

With this feature, sales and customer service get a huge boost of efficiency. Calling a series of prospects or current customers becomes as simple as pulling up the contacts with a search or a predefined tag, then clicking their phone number to initiate a call.

You can set up whole calling campaigns with this system, or use it just to improve the efficiency of spot calls as needed. When you can easily call contacts from the browser, you’re unlocking the data so it is actually useful.

How to Set Up Android Phone Calling

To make calls to your Android phone through Agile CRM, you need two things: The Agile CRM Android App on the phone you want to use, and the Android calling widget installed and configured on your Agile CRM acct.

You can find the widget here:

  1. Navigate to User Settings > Preferences > Widgets
  2. Go to Telephony Tab, you will see the Android integration block
  3. Click on the ‘Add’ button and then ‘Enable’ this setting

Once you configure the Android calling widget within Agile CRM, you’re all set to go; there’s no configuration necessary from within the Agile CRM Android app. A call button will automatically appear next to every phone number once you’ve set up the widget, and all you have to do is press the button to initiate a call to the contact from your Android mobile phone.

We’re really excited about this Android calling functionality, and we’d love your feedback for how to make it even better and more useful. Give Android calling a try, and let us know what you think!

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Peter Kowalke

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Kevin Baum

about 1 year ago

These feature does not seem to work... On mobile get error as tries to load a market: url and errors ... if this is supposed to be triggered in the Web and call on mobile as icon does appear and note comes up but nothing happens...


Saketh Rasakatla

about 6 months ago

Please tell us your android version so that we can help you in detail.



about 4 weeks ago

I'm using Samsung Galaxy Note FE and the Android call function does not work. When I tap the android icon, then a dialog appear with status: calling {contact number} and the "notes..." text area below the calling status. Nothing actually happens!


Gabriel Swain

about 4 weeks ago

Hi. It's probably just a configuration issue. I have escalated your question to our customer support team and they will be reaching out to you directly to answer your questions and guide you in any way you need. Cheers!


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