How to Run a Calling Campaign Through Your CRM

How to Run a Calling Campaign Through Your CRM

Sales reps make an average of 46 calls per day, which means that efficiency gains can have a huge impact. A robust CRM such as Agile CRM can help automate lead calling within minutes. Provide your sales team with a CRM that automates continuous dialing while offering other intuitive features.

In Agile CRM, you can create calling campaigns that can drive sales agent efficiency. These allow reps to improve productivity with features like lead segmentation, auto-dialing, recording and tracking interaction. Calling campaigns allow you to create, track, record, schedule, manage and monitor all your outbound calling.

Here’s how to run a calling campaign through Agile CRM.

Step 1: Segment Your Leads/Contacts

Arrange leads or contacts based on your priority, company name or lead score. Segmenting leads under various tags and filters will allow you to run the process easier and faster because it removes the manual segmentation.

If you are a SaaS company that has just introduced a freemium model and are running a call campaign to inform your leads of that, you can target leads based on lead score. Segment contacts based on a high to low score and add that to your call campaign.

Step 2: Use Power Dialer

Once leads are segmented, you can start the dialing by using the power dialer. This feature allows you to dial contacts automatically without moving from one contact to another. Power dialing removes manual dialing from the picture completely and makes tackling a list of 200-300 leads much less cumbersome.

Step 3: Recorded Voicemail Campaign

A survey found that sales reps spend 15 percent of their time leaving voice messages. That 15 percent can be reduced to 5-10 percent using automated voicemails. Instead of verbally repeating the message for missed lead after missed lead, leave the automated voicemail after the call is disconnected. Record a voicemail in your caller dialer and play it whenever get bounced to voicemail.

Step 4: Add Notes

An automated call campaign allows you to free up your hands through automated dialing and data fishing, which lets you add notes while on call. The note itself gets directly added to your leads. During calls, you might discover data like a lead’s interest in a freemium model, but one with specific features. Making a note of this data during the call saves you from forgetting and you can also create pitch emails with that content from your notes.

Step 5: Automate Emails

Agile CRM lets you schedule emails while on a call. Instead of waiting for the conversation to finish, take the data from your notes and schedule emails for later in real-time. With saved notes, you can use this feature to save time. The same goes for a lead who wants more details emailed to them. In the email, you can summarize your call, provide the required information and add a call to action.

Running an automated call campaign through Agile CRM saves your sales team precious time and increases productivity. There’s no reason not to add this tool to your business.

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