Hard phone integration between Agile CRM and Asterisk

Hard phone integration between Agile CRM and Asterisk

Are people in your organization lamenting the price of SIP phone service? Have you wondered how much more efficient your team would be if you could integrate your phone system with your CRM? These are common concerns today; many small and medium-sized businesses want to use a hard phone for work communication but worry about price and interoperability. That’s where Agile CRM’s integration with Asterisk comes in.

Place Outgoing Calls
Place Outgoing CallsWhen making a call, you can find a contact record in Agile CRM and initiate the call from there. The call is then bridged to your hard phone and you have your conversation through that hard phone. And because you’re managing the process from within your CRM, you can take notes while you speak and all calls details will be saved for you in a referenceable call log.

Receive Incoming CallsReceive Incoming Calls

When someone calls you, Agile CRM will automatically search for the contact who is calling based on the phone numbers in your contact database. If the contact exists in the database, that person’s contact record is displayed on the screen so that you always know who is calling before you answer. If the number of the person calling does not exist in your database, you will see an option to either merge it into an existing contact or create a new contact. Missed calls are automatically captured in your call history.

Keep Track of Calls with Call Logs

Call logs allow you to access a complete history of calls that you have made and received via Agile CRM. Any notes that you add to the call record are recorded along with details about the call such as time, date and duration.

Run Call Reports

Easily run call reports to get a quick view into metrics such as calls answered, missed calls, calls that didn’t connect because your line was busy, and calls that failed. Run these reports whenever you want to ensure that missed calls are responded to and keep a running tab on how many calls you have successfully completed.


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