Companies, companies, companies!

Are corporations people? Theoretical debates aside, one thing’s for sure: in 2015, your CRM shouldn’t just manage contacts. It’s the age of SaaS startups and eCommerce entrepreneurs. It’s the age of the smart young company. And with many small businesses thriving in the global B2B market where we all essentially sell to each other, managing companies within a CRM is now a necessity. The Agile CRM dev team has been hard at work listening to your feedback and building an enhanced Companies feature to enable even smarter sales and marketing with company tags, sorting and pages. We’re excited to announce that a beta release of the updated feature is now live in the app. Do amazing things with companies!

Companies in Agile CRM

Log into your Agile dashboard and you’ll now find a Companies tab in the customizable menu bar. It’s an easy way to keep track of the companies you’re currently dealing with, while also keeping tabs on past company deals.

Company Tags & Sorting

You can now tag companies in Agile CRM just like you were tagging an individual contact. Some might say that tagging is at the heart of Agile CRM. Why? Because tags can be added both manually and automatically, and our sales and marketing automation uses tags for smarter segmentation and more effective campaigns.

Once you’ve tagged a company in the CRM, you can use these tags to filter companies and perform other bulk actions. You can also, quickly filter companies by star value, owner, created date, name, and notes. You can search by note contents, but you can also search by definition (whether a note is defined). For example, you can filter all your companies to see which are above a certain star value but don’t yet have a note attached to them.

Filter Companies Based on Tags, Lead Scores and More

Company Pages

Companies now have their own pages in the CRM. Company pages benefit from Agile’s signature 360-degree contact view (in this case, a company view). They help sales teams see what happened in the marketing stage of lead capture and qualification. And they help everyone maintain a clear view of company communications, even if you and other members of your sales and marketing team are each dealing primarily with one contact.

Company Page with Deal in the Agile CRM Dashboard

From company pages you can see associated contacts, deals, cases, notes and documents. You can also find, edit and add company contact details, social media information, and more. Note that our click-to-call feature works with companies, too. If you’re making a lot of calls to the same company, it might be time to take advantage of our telephony voicemail drop and other awesome features for call automation.

Let us know how the enhanced Companies feature is working for your small business. We’re here to keep improving, every day in every way.

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Ari Messer

Ari Messer is a senior product marketing consultant and content strategist. He has over a decade of experience helpings startups and enterprise clients to exceed their goals for customer growth, engagement and retention.


Nizar Melki

about 3 years ago

Hi there! I'd like to know if it's possible to link 2 companies to 1 contact. In our case, many sports coaches manage more than 1 team. Thanks in advance, Nizar


Radhika Roy

about 3 years ago

Hi Nizar, thanks for your comment. As of now, it is not possible to link 2 companies to 1 contact. Thanks.


Uriel Ballast

about 3 years ago

Hi, I'm about to upload a large list of contacts into AgileCRM. This list also includes the companies these people work at. I'd like to add a tag to the companies (so not the contacts) automatically during the import. How can this be done? Thanks for your reply. Best regards, Uriel Ballast


Radhika Roy

about 3 years ago

Hi Uriel, as of now we cannot add tags to companies while importing contacts but our developers are looking into this possibility. Thanks for the query.



about 1 year ago

Hi, is it possible to add Company to campaign? I'm not able to find this ability. We work mainly as B2B and we need to have all features same for Companies as Contacts. Best regards


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