Agile Email Finder : Verified Email Addresses at your Fingertips

Agile Email Finder : Verified Email Addresses at your Fingertips

Agile in its pursuit to create sophisticated integrations to help businesses run smoother sales and marketing processes is launching the Agile Email Finder. A smart Email Finder from within your CRM that easily finds the email addresses that matter.

Agile Email Finder discovers the official email addresses from the first name, last name, and domain URL of your contact. It uses all possible business email patterns from the mail server results to come up with the most probable email address for you to use. This not only helps you improve your efficiency in closing sales deals, but it also increases the probability of it being right as it is dependent on machine intelligence over manual guess work.

Agile Email Finder and LinkedIn Widget :

Imagine a scenario when a Sales Rep is prospecting for leads on Linkedin, he finds a relevant contact who matches the criteria for a sales qualified lead (SQL). The sales rep. would immediately want to add the contact into his CRM, just like a bookmark for later reference and move on with his prospecting. In Agile CRM, he can quickly add that contact using the Agile Chrome Extension from Linkedin on to his CRM platform or use the Linkedin widget to get contact details. Once he opens his contact in the tool, the Email Finder widget prompts him to add the website of the contact in case it is missing and immediately find an email address that he can use to reach out. You can also do the same while prospecting for leads on Twitter.
Agile Email Finder has now simplified the lead prospecting process such that sales representative can now enjoy the process of prospecting for leads.

Email Finder

Agile Email Finder – The Widget :

You can also access the Email Finder from within your CRM if you have added the Email Finder widget. If you haven’t still added it, it’s the right time for you to do so. If you need help with steps on how to add the widget, you can refer to our blog title Email Finder : Bringing you a step closer to finding Qualified Leads.
Once you have added the widget, you can make finding email addresses a fun task instead of dreading it. Now open any contact and as long as the First Name, Last Name, and Domain url are present, the Email Finder widget will automatically run at the backend and give you the email address of your contact. So, finding emails is as simple as opening your contact on Agile.

Email Finder Widget

Agile Email Finder – The Tool :

Now Agile in its quest to solve for problems faced by the Sales and Marketing industry, is coming up with a stand alone Agile Email Finder Tool. Even if you are a business that does not currently use Agile CRM and you want to find email addresses of your contacts, you can now use the Agile Email Finder tool and get email addresses exported.

Now Sales Reps do not need to spend a lot of time to find the email addresses of their leads to get started on their sales journey. The Agile Email Finder will find it easily for them in the blink of an eye.

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