Agile CRM: Your Exclusive Real Estate CRM

Agile CRM: Your Exclusive Real Estate CRM

Though a sharp deceleration in the economy has taken place in recent months, the U.S. housing sector remains intact. Existing home sales jumped a record 14.7 percent after being temporarily held back as a result of new mortgage disclosure rules. On a lighter note, sales boosted as a result of unseasonably warm weather, along with buyers rushing into the market in anticipation of higher mortgage rates.

A red-hot housing market means good news for your real estate businesses; more money in the pockets of buyers – more money for you. So the question becomes: How do you keep up with the growing demand in the buying and selling of properties?

The Job of the Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, you know everything there is to know about locations and their history, you know about new developments in planning, you know all the transportation and schools. You know where buyers are looking to invest. In other words: You know everything (if you know what you’re doing).

Traditionally, the real estate business is relationship and sales-driven. It is built on complex buying and selling models and long sales cycles. With complex negotiations and resulting transactions that are often unique, successful real estate businesses often operate in a highly competitive environment.

So how do we make their lives easier?

The CRM Industry

Over 92% of Real Estate Agents prefer email in communicating with clients while 56% of Realtors use social media. What does this mean? This means that there is a need for real estate businesses to handle their online activities from a single, central place.

Agile CRM has caught on before many, and is taking over the real estate CRM industry.

With its ability to enable real estate business owners find new buyers, manage old ones, grow sales and a rich client base, Agile CRM has built a platform onto which sales agents have the power to automate their daily tasks with ease. From properties, listings, requests, and MLS, Agile CRM is being used by many successful real estate businesses.

Top performing realtors know that staying ahead with the latest listings and the ability to track potential buyers is essential. When we maintain constant contact with past and new buyers, and check on our leads in relation to where they are in the sales pipeline, if we are successful at what we do, we can achieve our goals.

Let’s look at the top 5 benefits of Agile CRM for your business

  1. Single source of data

From clients, prospects and leads, all relationship data is managed from a central place instead of in isolated databases or spreadsheets. Sharing of customer data becomes possible across the business without any duplicate content which results in administrative overhead and inaccuracy in customer information.

  1. Visibility into the pipeline and sales forecasting

Real estate management is primarily focused on budgeting, re-forecasting and benchmarking results against each other. It is the key component in revenue forecasting. With a CRM, it becomes possible to work with complete, accurate and transparent data and metrics. Agile CRM helps internal and external stakeholders gain accurate and frequent reporting on all activities.

  1. Sales reps that work together

Agile CRM takes real estate businesses from having disparate and autonomous sales reps, into an aligned sales force with sales reps that work in an effort to close more business together. This makes it possible to measure and monitor effectiveness, and increases the opportunity for cross-selling.   

  1. Communication management

Agile CRM makes it easy and simple to follow-up with clients and have access to every touchpoint in the customer’s journey. With back-and-forth communication, it becomes possible to store all lead intelligence and customer data, while retrieving it at anytime.

  1. Automating lead generation

By importing leads from external lists, it becomes possible to create and manage targeted campaigns (email, newsletters, mobile), and get rid of the tedious, repetitive tasks of lead generation.                   

Agile CRM for real estate has been built to make all of this happen. From email marketing, to lead tracking, newsletter automation and website integration, now you can follow-up with clients with ease and simplicity. It’s all possible with Agile CRM.            

Key Takeaway

Using our organized and streamlined software works to boost productivity. With appointment calendars that can be shared between internal teams, and all touchpoints like tests and email alerts in a single location for anyone on your team to view at anytime, it becomes possible to monitor performance and progress. Time is of the essence with every transaction. Make sure you don’t miss anything with a software solution that will meet all of your real estate business needs. Looking for the right CRM for your real estate company? Agile CRM is the #1 choice for real estate CRM on the market, today.

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about 7 years ago

Customer relation is a prime factor for a real estate company, In today's age companies have to be one step ahead and provide the best customer experiences. These CRM software's play a huge role in realizing such an arrangement between companies and clients.


John Grant

about 7 years ago

I must say you are very skilled at persuasive writing if you can convince me to share your views. I am very impressed by your excellent writing abilities. Please keep up the good informational writing.


Alice Gray

about 6 years ago

CRM is important for all business, not just for real estate agents. thanks for great post.


Gabriel Swain

about 6 years ago

Agreed, Alice! It's increasingly difficult for any business to be competitive without a CRM. It's table stakes at this point. Thanks for the positive feedback--much appreciated! :-)


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about 5 years ago

A true information added on Agile CRM: Your Exclusive Real Estate CRM content. Keep it up good work.


Gabriel Swain

about 5 years ago

Thanks so much for the positive feedback! We really appreciate your comment :-)


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