Why Your Business Should Use Automated Appointment Scheduling

Why Your Business Should Use Automated Appointment Scheduling

For any business, the end goal is to have a strong customer base and earn more revenue. So getting more paid customers becomes the main KPI of every sales representative. To achieve this, the most part of a sales rep’s time should either be to reach out to more leads or close more deals.

Nowhere in this workflow are they supposed to spend their time scheduling appointments. A tedious task such as appointment scheduling should take as little time as possible from any sales rep. That is the reason why businesses should adopt an automated appointment scheduling system, which will automatically send emails to block your lead’s calendar or let your leads schedule appointments based on their convenience.

Here are five good reasons why your business should use automated appointment scheduling.

1) Simplified Scheduling

The best way for a sales rep to ask a prospect to schedule an appointment is by dropping the calendar link in the email signature. After going through the sales pitch, the prospects may click the link and schedule an appointment. This saves the prospect time by not having to browse a web site to make an appointment and also by not having to call the business.

For web site visitors, displaying the calendar of every sales rep (so the prospect can find the right time to talk with sales) is another way that appointment scheduling takes place. Here’s what the call scheduling page of Agile CRM looks like.

2) Automatic Triggers

Appointment scheduling automation, when coupled with CRM software, helps introduce the advantage of initiating a series of tasks based on an appointment. This can seriously save time.

For instance, you can run a campaign to send newsletters or discount coupons to a prospect after they have scheduled a call but before they have talked to a rep.

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3) Multiple Calendar Sync

When you have multiple calendars through services such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or Office 365, appointment scheduling software helps keep these calendars in sync. This becomes crucial with large teams, as well as with businesses that use contract sales reps or have several different calendars.

Appointment scheduling software makes it easy to merge all these calendars together and create a centralized place for appointment notifications.

4) Team Views

With appointment scheduling software, owners, managers and sales teams can stay on the same page and get visibility into sales performance by using a group calendar. You can use this information to schedule meetings and other sessions, and also to make the process a seamless one. Now the task assigned to the team will be on a transparent platform for everyone to see and understand.

5) Gathering leads

Appointment Scheduling software also helps you gather leads and capture details such as phone number, email and Skype ID. Tags and filters in the CRM helps you keep track of your appointments with customers.

SMBs that target higher revenues should adopt an all-in-one CRM software such as Agile CRM that comes with automated appointment scheduling. The ability to mix customer data with easy and automated scheduling can save lots of time for sales, as well as bring greater visibility.

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