Spread #AgileLove

Spread #AgileLove

Hashtags have been a rage in recent times. Brands are using hashtags to engage more customers on social media, draw their attention and get a large slice of the pie. Albeit the sole purpose of hashtags a.k.a ‘#’ was to well-organize content on Twitter, they have now forayed into newer campaigns like creating social media contests, driving conversations and spreading the brand awareness.

A survey claims that individuals can see a 100% increase in engagement by using hashtags, while brands can see a 50% increase. Moreover, the love, loyalty and sense of belongingness a customer perceives with the brand surfaces by his/her usage of the hashtag in the tweets. Simply put, they are a cool way to interact with fans and followers and make the campaigners to spread their love for the brand.

Creating a new hashtag and attaching it with an idea/theme is preferred by marketers compared to capitalizing on the trending hashtags. Many brands fail to pick the right hashtag and that will not convey the essence of the brand. So, a good way to succeed is to create a new hashtag and run your marketing efforts around it.

Taking cues from this we have created a hashtag #AgileLove.

[Tweet “Has @agilecrm taken your business to the next level? Spread the #AgileLove!”]

Let me take you through the parameters that lead us to zero in on #AgileLove.

1) A good hashtag is memorable, unique and relevant to the campaign.

The campaign is all about asking our happy customers to turn into campaigners for Agile CRM. It can get better with spreading their love towards Agile CRM through #AgileLove.

2) Hashtags should be distinctive and simple for followers to remember.

The hashtag is just two words – that’s simple yet profound.

3) Create an easy-to-understand message.

We made it clear. We want everyone to spread more and more #AgileLove.

4) Craft a hashtag around one particular message.

#AgileLove is all about spreading a word about Agile CRM for those who need it.

5) Make the call-to-action clear, consistent and easy.

We use #AgileLove in all our promotional tweets. This enables a better recall.

6) Capitalize multi-word hashtags.

It’s preferred to use it as #AgileLove by capitalizing each word.

7) Consider your name in the hashtags.

The presence of Agile is vivid in the hashtag.

Creating and using a new hashtag can be difficult but, when it catches on, you can’t resist using it in every tweet. It creates immense brand awareness and will prove to be an important metric to understand the ‘customer connect’ with your brand.

Agilelove2 Agilelove3

Here are few examples for our customers to embed #AgileLove in their tweets.

1) Sign-up for @agilecrm It is free for two users. Spread #AgileLove

2) If you love our product and service, please spread #AgileLove

3) Happy customers fuel our day-to-day activities. Keep spreading #AgileLove

4) Customer service is at the core of @agilecrm #AgileLove

5) Follow @agilecrm and spread #AgileLove

We hope this hashtag will change the way we engage with followers on Twitter, introduce new features and gain traction for an event. With all your love and support, we can hope to see this hashtag transforming soon into a big trend on Twitter.

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Raja Satish

Raja Satish is a Tech blogger who writes primarily on Tech startups, CRM, Marketing Automation and covers the entire gamut of Marketing. An avid technophile and app lover, Raja is fascinated by all the latest trends, innovations and happenings in technology.


Lewis Yildirimturk

about 3 years ago

Can we include AgileCRM affiliate or partner links? it will be great incentive to do this if you provide affiliate links to your current customers. I think other CRM companies use Affiliate Marketing and it helps them a lot.


Shreyansh Surana

about 3 years ago

Hi Lewis Thanks for the response.We are aggressively working on a referral program. It has been asked by lot of our customers and we have taken it on priority. You will see a well defined program roll out in few weeks. Do help us spread #AgileLove .


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