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Today’s social consumer is always on, which means that the conversations about your industry are happening 24/7. While big business hires outside consultants to monitor social media traffic and try to pull leads from the noise, small business has too often been left in the cold.

Agile CRM is excited to announce the first leg in our groundbreaking Social Suite – a powerful new Twitter client with full sales pipeline integration. Agile’s Social Suite offers marketing automation that leads to actionable data, all directly from your Agile CRM — no clumsy integration with other social media clients, no lost conversations, just a fountain of new leads and sales opportunities.

Social CRM

Agile CRM – Social Media Monitoring

Whether your business is new to Twitter or you’ve been tweeting for years, Agile’s Social Suite makes it easy to monitor social conversations and see what users are saying about you or your competitors. If a user anywhere in the world asks for a recommendation in your industry, you’ll hear about it. With just a drag or a click, Agile lets you turn these users into actionable leads by importing them directly into your CRM and also run social campaigns using our powerful marketing automation features.

Analysts talk about the need for businesses to have a “360 degree view” of the new social customer. Our new Social Suite also automatically color-codes tweets from your existing customers, making sure that you know if leads are warm or cold and helping customers feel like a part of the conversation.

We’re starting with Twitter because it is the greatest consumer source of new leads and actionable sales and marketing data on the web today. Soon we’ll be adding Facebook and LinkedIn capabilities with a similarly streamlined, user-friendly design and complete integration with your sales pipeline.

Twitter CRM

Agile CRM – Twitter Streams

We’re always excited to hear your thoughts about how Agile CRM is working for the social side of your business. Sign up for an account today (it’s completely free for two users) and don’t hesitate to send us questions, suggestions, queries or stories. Or just Tweet to us at @agilecrm .

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