Our Full-Fledged Social Media Management Tool That We Built For You – Here’s Why

Our Full-Fledged Social Media Management Tool That We Built For You – Here’s Why

One of Agile CRM’s most popular functionalities was social listening for Twitter, as part of our marketing suite. And it’s helped our customers to effectively monitor their brand’s reputation. 

As a result, our customers always knew what was being said about their brand. And because they could respond quickly and efficiently, their brand loyalty and authority improved tremendously. Our customers wanted to achieve those same benefits on their other social media platforms as well, not just Twitter. 

So, our initial intention was to implement additional features into Agile CRM. However, we encountered a few bumps along the way that lead to the birth of HipSocial, along with 500apps.

The Problem

We started surveying our customers to see what other features, besides multi-platform social listening they would be interested in. One request that we received on various occasions was to implement marketing automation – which has also helped our customers tremendously. Other requests included content scheduling and reports. 

After tallying the final results, it became clear to us that our customers were interested in an all-inclusive social media management software. We had the option to add more SMM features to Agile CRM, but that would’ve made it clunky. Additionally, we also had the option to create a stand-alone, flexible, and comprehensive solution that could be seamlessly integrated with Agile CRM if needed. 

But we also wanted them to have access to a social media management tool that can make their lives easier. 

The Need

Below are some of the primary social media branding and engagement requirements we had for our customers: 

  1. Consistency: They were finding it difficult to be consistent across all their social media accounts. They also struggled with posting various forms of interesting content when their target audience was active. 
  2. Lead generation: Our customers expressed vast desires to quickly and efficiently build up their audience. 
  3. Automation: Automation, alongside lead generation, was a popular request. They wanted to use automation to help them spend less time marketing and more time scaling their business. 
  4. Analyze their content’s performance in one place: Social media platforms’ native analytics is the best place for detailed data about your content’s performance. However, our customers wanted a solution that would allow them to have a bird’s-eye view of their content. 
  5. Insightful social media listening: They wanted to have eyes and ears available around-the-clock to monitor their reputation, competition, and audience. 
  6. Multi-platform solution: They wanted to manage their accounts on one app.

The Solution

We’ve previously created new products once we realized the immense benefit our customers would experience. And since we already had the option to do so, we wanted to provide our customers, SMBs, the solution they needed to get the social media marketing results they wanted. And that’s why we founded HipSocial. But, what is HipSocial? 

HipSocial is a social media management software that focuses on lead generation, content publishing and scheduling, social media listening, automation, and at-a-glance analytics. Because both lead generation and automation were popular requests we made it our priority to ensure that HipSocial included those functionalities. Currently, HipSocial lets its users build their audience on Twitter, based on criteria they’ve set. 

For example, its users can search for Twitter users who’ve mentioned their brand, their competitors, industry-related topics, and industry-specific trends. With the data gathered, they can create Twitter lists that focus on each specific criteria they set. Then, using those Twitter lists and HipSocial’s automation, they can follow hundreds of potential leads with one click. they can bulk follow those Twitter users who could potentially become a lead for their business. 

Additionally, HipSocial lets its users schedule content anywhere from hours to months in advance so they can consistently post content to their audience. They’ll also have the option to post content in different time zones. 

HipSocial also allows you to monitor brand mentions, industry-related topics and trends, and your competitors. Then users can utilize the data gathered to create interesting and engaging content. While simultaneously protecting your brand’s reputation from complaints and addressing concerns. You can also use reports and its URLs tracker to analyze your content and marketing strategy’s performance.

Because HipSocial is a cloud-based tool, you can access it and all your data, anywhere and at any time. With HipSocial, we present to you a solution that allows you to manage your social media accounts, like the Fortune 500 companies. Try our 30-day free trial today, so you can see if your SMB can benefit from an all-inclusive social media management software!

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