5 Ways to Re-engage With Dead Leads With Email Marketing

5 Ways to Re-engage With Dead Leads With Email Marketing

Email marketing is a challenging domain, no doubt, but nothing is more frustrating than a few dead leads that do not respond no matter how many emails you send them. It can happen to the best of email marketers. Sometimes the prospect might write back with enthusiasm, but it may not sustain and the prospect might disappear. They might just end up as a name on a list. It is, of course, frustrating, but we assure you, reengaging a dead lead is not all a bad idea. If you can create an approach to make them curious and emotionally responsive, it can be done

Why your emails are ignored?

There may be many reasons why your emails are being ignored by your prospects. Some times, it isn’t the right time or the place. The following are some of the reasons.

  1. Too many emails, too soon

    It is not ideal to send too many emails, too soon. Some prospects need ample time to respond to the initial email, this is the key to understanding the frequency of emails. Scheduled emails shouldn’t be less than a week apart. It is always advisable to not overwhelm the prospect with frequent emails.

  2. Clickbait subject lines

    Prospects these days have been saturated with email marketing and subject lines. They have already read every kind of subject line there is. It is not advisable to address them in a manner where they feel like they are being involved in a marketing pitch. Mails should have an informal tone and should be educative instead of sounding like a sales letter. It should address their concerns and relate to their business.

  3. Confusing design

    Design is one of the most important elements of any email. Email marketers need to pay a lot of attention when it comes to organizing the design and text in the email. It has to be in proper order. It needs to be legible in ideal font size and not too distracting with colors. If too many colors are used it may baffle the reader visually and they may focus more on design and less on the message. So it is important that an email message should have the perfect balance of text and colorful graphic elements.

  4. Not optimized for mobile

    Since the world is increasingly becoming dependent on mobile phones and since they have become ubiquitous, it makes sense to design and present your email suitable to the mobile platform. More and more people are reading and replying to emails on their mobile phones than ever before, so it is always a good idea to format your message to suit readers on mobile phones.

  5. Repetitive or irrelevant content

    Prospects do not have time for repetitive or irrelevant content. It is the email marketer’s duty to make sure the content is relevant to that particular target group. Repetitive content also does not deliver any results as most prospects just unsubscribe or report spam. Marketers should only send emails that address a particular issue faced by the prospect or general issues in their particular industry or niche. This way prospects will spend more time reading emails and less time reporting spam.

Is there is a solution to these challenges?

Thankfully there are a lot of solutions to the above challenges. The following are the best ways to re-engage with dead leads.

  • Offering rewards

    Customers will be happy if rewards like special offers or discounts are sent through email. For example, you can send a survey form along with a gift voucher and ask them to fill in order to redeem that voucher. Rewards are always exciting to the prospects.

  • Customer loyalty

    Welcome emails sent after the prospect signs up for a product or service is a great way to make them feel like they are part of something bigger. It also fosters loyalty. You can also suggest them to join a community of existing users which will give them an idea about your product or service. Restarting the conversation creates interest in the prospect.

  • Customer Feedback Survey

    Surveys are a great way to know what your prospects are thinking and what their requirements are. When a customer is not happy about the product or service, you should listen to them and welcome their feedback. Feedback forms are a great way to create trust and increase trust.

  • Subject lines

    Sending emails with Clickbait subject lines might lose leads. Come up with creative subject lines that will have a positive effect on responses as well. The whole objective is to retain the attention and more open rate. So a little creativity goes a long way.

  • Audience segmentation

    Sending mails to an irrelevant audience brings no leads and might work against the brand. Segmentation of the prospects is an extremely vital aspect of email marketing. Designing a separate communication for each segment of audiences is the right way to go.

  • Past purchase history

    If email marketers have the purchase history of the prospects, which offers a lot of insights into their mindsets, this information will be extremely beneficial in both segmentation and dissemination of emails.

  • Conduct A/B testing

    This is a great way to fine-tune the conversion strategy that helps to identify common reasons for the inactivity of a prospect and helps in re-engaging dead leads. Agile CRM is a great tool for email marketing, as all the important email marketing tools are built into the platform.


Use the methods above to re-energize your email marketing campaign and give a fresh start to converting your dead leads.

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