Now Include Direct PDF Downloads on Agile CRM Forms

Now Include Direct PDF Downloads on Agile CRM Forms

Freebies are a hallmark of landing pages. You capture leads and customer data by dangling a gift in front of your potential customers in exchange for that data.

Often these gifts take the form of a downloadable e-book, white paper, report or checklist in PDF format. We’re pleased to announce that you now can offer direct PDF downloads tied to your Agile CRM forms. This makes landing pages with free gifts much simpler to set up–and at least from our perspective, easy is always a good thing.

Here’s how you can tie PDF downloads directly to forms created with Agile CRM.

The following are the steps to follow for configuring the PDF Downloads with Agile CRM Forms and Landing Page Builder.

Step 1: Upload the PDF document

Start by getting your PDF uploaded to the Agile CRM system.

  1. Navigate to Sales -> Docs -> Add Document
    • Title: Give a name for the document
    • Related Contacts: This is not required, but you can tie specific contacts to a PDF within the CRM.
    • Related Deals: This is not required, but you can tie specific deals to the PDF.
    • Choose Document: This is where you upload the PDF file. An upload popup will appear when you click the ‘My Computer’ button. Alternately, you can grab the PDF from your Google Drive.step1a step1b
  2. Right Click on the small arrow icon and click on “Copy link address.”step1c

Step 2: Configure the PDF Download on Form Submission

Now that you have the PDF uploaded to the system, here’s how you can include it on a form.
here are two different behavior you can choose when offering a PDF through an Agile CRM form: You can have the PDF download immediately when the form is completed, or you can send the user to a landing page that has a button to download the PDF. Use cases will vary, although using a thank you page with a button to download the PDF is a nice touch.

Download Immediately After the Form is Filled

  • Go to Form Settings (Click on the Form Name and a ‘Settings’ pop-up will appear)step2a
  • Create the form (if not created earlier) and navigate to the Form Designer
  • Navigate to Marketing -> Forms
  • Paste the PDF Download Link (Received from Step 1) in Form Action / Redirect URL
  • Save the form
  • Embed this form into the landing page or share the permanent link to the form.

Send Users to a Landing Page Where They Download the PDF

  • Create a thank you landing page in Agile CRM Landing Page Builder.
  • Paste the PDF download link (received from Step 1) in the link section for the download button on the landing page.step2b
  • Save the landing page. Click on “View.” The landing page will then open up.
  • Copy the URL in the browser.step2c
  • Navigate to Marketing -> Forms
  • Create the form (if not created earlier) and navigate to the Form Designer
  • Go to Form Settings (Click on the form name and a settings popup will appear)step2d
  • Paste the thank you landing page URL (received earlier) in Form Action / Redirect URL.
  • Save the form.
  • Embed this form into the landing page or share the permanent link of the form.

There you have it. Freebies made simple. These direct PDF downloads from Agile CRM forms can be used for content upgrades, landing pages, surveys and many, many more uses. If you’re already offering PDFs downloads in exchange for lead data, this new feature makes this process simpler. If you are not yet offering PDFs for customer data, it has never been a better time to start.

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Matt Selbie

about 2 years ago

Can you also do same with any document? We would like to have an Excel calculator as the freebie. PLs confirm. Thanks


Rahul Mehta

about 2 years ago

Hello Matt, Yes you can also upload an Excel.



about 1 year ago

Can you track the download action from the Landing Page in the CRM? For example, if I set it up for the Form to be filled in on the initial Landing Page and then upon completion the Thank You page has the download link, can I click whether or not the link is pressed? I would send 2 different emails - download Yes and download No for the people who filled out the form.


Saketh Rasakatla

about 12 months ago

This should be possible as Agile CRM can track the links visited by the customer. We suggest you contact our team at with your complete requirement.



about 1 year ago

Is it possible to allow the user to enter their details so that they can download the pdf.. but not subscribe to newsletters?


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