New Sales Reports for Win/Loss Analysis

A majority of business chatter these days is about 24/7 social marketing and making constant SEO improvements. So much so, in fact, that many companies lose track of the bigger picture: what exactly are you selling, where do potential customers want to find it, and how can you sell more of it?

Win/Loss Analysis Reports in Agile CRM

Agile CRM’s advanced visual reporting tools have become a popular way to get meaningful answers and track everything from email open rates to sales rep performance. Now we’ve taken our reporting even further. Following the introduction of new Deals fields, tags and tracking features, we’re excited to announce two new graphical reports for Win/Loss Analysis: Lost Deal Analysis and Revenue by Source.

Not Just Data – The Right Data from the Right Angle

If you’re still trying to decide whether to use one app for sales and marketing, this Gartner report on Win/Loss Analysis might convince you that all-in-one software like Agile CRM is the smart choice. In case you don’t subscribe to Gartner, here’s the main takeaway:

If done thoroughly, win/loss analysis can lead to a 50% improvement in sales win rates!

What sets those over-achievers apart? They analyze their entire sales funnel, including marketing efforts. Inflexion Point’s Bob Apollo was one of the sales pros interviewed for the influential Gartner report. Encouraging SMBs to look at win-loss scenarios from every possible angle, his message is clear: “what at first appear to be bottom-of-funnel, inability-to-close problems often turn out to be top-of-funnel, inability-to-set-the-scene-properly-to-start-with-problems.” Every company is unique, but effective win-loss analysis always includes both sides of the funnel. As a combined sales-and-marketing CRM, Agile CRM makes this as easy as point-and-click.

Think of it this way: imagine that your small business is actually a restaurant and your product is the food. If you show customers the wrong menu, of course they are going to be upset when something totally different arrives on their plates. They might even walk out! Maybe you’re the chef, maybe you’re the restaurant owner, but you should still be reviewing the actual menus, the signs in your window, everything potential customers see.

Improve Marketing with Revenue by Source

The new Revenue by Source report generates a pie graph with sections for the Deal Source Fields you’ve added in your Agile CRM account. You choose what to track — we help you visualize the results. This report makes it easy to see how each source contributes to revenue. It also helps you improve staff performance by allowing for filtering by owner (see if a particular CRM user is converting especially well — or poorly — from a specific source of leads).

Revenue by Source Report in Agile CRM

Revenue by Source

Improve Sales with Lost Deal Analysis

After you set up custom Loss Reasons for your Deals in Agile CRM, it’s essential to review them. This is especially true for lost deals (as opposed to won deals), because a lost deal is always a disappointment and without looking at the actual data, it’s easy to think that one big loss accounts for every loss. Looking at real data can clarify your business situation and help you quickly set achievable goals month-by-month, quarter-by-quarter, and year-by-year.

Our new Lost Deal Analysis report generates a color-coded pie graph based on Deal Owner, Deal Track, Deal Source and Date Range. We recommend filtering by owner to get a sense for agent performance. For example, if one of your SDRs is losing a bunch of deals to competitors, maybe they are somehow endorsing your competitors while doing demos or sending follow-up materials. Is that rep always assigned a particular type of customer? Maybe the segmentation in your marketing automation campaigns needs a few tweaks. This is the type of situation that win-loss analysis can quickly clarify to help you make solid improvements.

Lost Deal Analysis Report with Loss Reasons

Lost Deal Analysis

These new reports are now live in the Agile CRM app. Remember, they’re more than just eye candy! Get going with smarter win-loss analysis today.

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