Join Our Awesome New Affiliate Program

Join Our Awesome New Affiliate Program

A healthy 20 percent commission is nice. But without any additional work? And with 60-day window? That borders on too good to be true.

Yet, that’s what Agile CRM has just unveiled with its new affiliate program. Anyone who joins our new affiliate program gets a straight 20 percent cut of the revenue generated from new customers they recommend.

If you use Agile CRM’s Regular plan as a baseline, that 20 percent commission comes out to $5.99 per customer per month. That’s nearly $72 of passive income per year for each person you recommend. Recommend just five people and you get roughly $360 of free money each year. Get serious about spreading your affiliate link, and your annual passive income easily can reach $5,000 to $10,000 or more per year.

This is relatively sticky monthly income, too.

If you are a current Agile customer then mention the same when applying for the program so that your application gets the first preference.

CRM systems are notoriously sticky because nobody likes to migrate contact databases, as I noted earlier this year in an article for Ziff Davis’ IT Toolbox before I joined the Agile CRM team. Agile CRM is even more sticky than most cloud CRM systems, actually, because it integrates with so many core business functions and therefore becomes embedded in the DNA of a company. Users who sign up for Agile CRM likely will continue their subscription for years to come, making your 20 percent monthly commission a cash cow.

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Agile CRM is an easy sell too, something you probably already know if you’re reading this blog. For far less than the competition, Agile CRM combined with sales, marketing and customer service automation is an all-in-one package that is tightly integrated and ready for small and medium-sized businesses.

The Agile CRM includes “wow” features such as knowing when a contact visits specific pages on your website, and automations like alerting a sales rep and automatically sending a targeted email campaign in response when they do. It integrates with many small business platforms such as Stripe, QuickBooks, ZenDesk, Shopify, WordPress and others, and it remains easy to use while including all the basic CRM functionality a business needs and many additional features such as automatic appointment scheduling and telephony (both incredibly helpful for sales).

As our name implies, the platform also is constantly improving. Literally on a daily basis, the Agile CRM product team rolls out new features and improves functionality based on active user feedback. This and highly responsive support that includes free live training webinars keeps customers happy and engaged.

All this adds up to a product that is widely applicable, sells itself, and is affordable even for one-man, part-time businesses.

Making the sale even easier, we also provide affiliates with all the necessary materials they need to promote Agile CRM, content engineered and tested for above-average click-through rates. On the back end, we further support our affiliates with a dedicated conversion team that helps close the sale and get you more revenue. We are as invested in making you money and helping your referrals as you are.

We’re really excited about our new affiliate program.

We can’t wait to work with you and earn you money as our platform grows.

To sign up for our affiliate program, click this link. You also can learn more about the program by writing us at or calling 1-800-980-0729. We look forward to hearing from you!

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