3 Great Tips to Convert Visitors Who Abandon Your Site

3 Great Tips to Convert Visitors Who Abandon Your Site

If you are a small or medium-sized business, you are bound to use email marketing to promote your brand. Transforming a waning prospect into an email lead is immensely valuable.

Deserting visitors can be converted into customers with an effective use of CRM. You can approach them with loads of offers and place them in your everyday emails. There are many lead generation tools to help you update your email list.

Here are three tips on how to convert visitors who abandon your site.

1. Exit-intent Technology

Exit-intent technology is the best way to identify whether a visitor is idle at a certain place on the website or leaving it. Don’t let a visitor go without capturing their information. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

Turn fleeing web visitors into devoted customers with Agile CRM’s sophisticated Exit Intent technology. Agile lets you set web rules to trigger campaigns in response to users’ real-time and past behavior. Send personalized, targeted messages to your visitors at the moment they are about to abandon a page.

All you need to do is use the intent exit feature with Agile CRM. With the drag-n-drop editor, you’ll be able to create your popup within minutes by choosing the exit intent trigger.

2. Emergency Action when Visitors are Abandoning Your Site

Depending on the site and target group, you can figure out what your visitors value the most. If people are heading elsewhere, try a few of Agile CRM’s tricks—namely, give them a freebie.

Set up campaigns to target new visitors’ page bounce by focusing on their individual behavior (or inaction) and the particular page they landed on or spent the most time browsing. Offer relevant discounts, show sign-up forms, or set up other automatic actions.


This is particularly useful for converting abandoning cart visitors into customers because your chances of success are high. Using exit-intent in your cart will typically increase your success rate based on your message and call-to-action. You might create a contact form with Agile CRM with a popup asking the visitor, “Do you have any questions? Let us give you a call within 30 minutes.”

3. Ask Why They’re Leaving

Sometimes converting visitors who are about to leave is as simple as asking why they left. With exit-intent pop-ups, one last-ditch attempt at retaining the sale is a pop-up that asks the user why they are leaving the site—and asking for their email address in the process.

Chances are that the visitor will still leave the site after answering your pop-up question. But if you collect their email address in the process, you can use their response for a personalized followup from a sales rep to potentially recapture the sale.

Further, the information gleaned from the pop-up question helps give your marketing department more information even if the sale is lost. So either way, asking the question is worth the effort.

Every buyer who abandons a shopping cart hurts the bottom line. Agile CRM addresses cart abandonment with targeted coupons/discounts and perfectly timed cross-product selling. Turn cart abandoners into devoted shoppers. Make them an offer they can’t refuse!

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Dan Maynard

about 5 years ago

One of the biggest reasons for abandonment beyond keyword and landing page mismatch is the offer. I've discovered this when bringing traffic to my sales page and the offer did not match exactly what the visitor was thinking at the moment. So for example, if a visitor only gets halfway through the sales page where they become "solution aware" and decides to leave, an exit intent pop-up that is ideal for the "solution aware" visitor that is triggered at that moment in the sales page could go a long way to preventing abandonment. Imagine having several pop-ups that are triggered at various stages of awareness on the sales page, each focused on a particular awareness level based on where they are in the sales funnel.


Gabriel Swain

about 5 years ago

Thanks for the detailed, thoughtful comment. We appreciate that you share your knowledge with our readers. And I'm sure they do too :-)


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