Help Scout Integration

Agile is excited to announce a seamless new integration with Help Scout. With this powerful new Help Scout CRM integration, you can collaborate with your team and manage customer support, without ever leaving your Agile dashboard.


Help Scout is a popular helpdesk software aimed at SMBs that truly care about the customer experience. It empowers small businesses to deliver personalized customer service at scale. Once you add the Help Scout app within Agile, you’ll be able to immediately start serving your customers more completely, using Agile’s intuitive Help Scout widget. Current features of the integration include:

  • See past conversations: Instantly see a contact’s past conversations and customer service issues. See when they contacted your company, what they were curious about, and if/when previous questions have been resolved.


  • Add new conversations: Easily add new conversations (tickets), including all relevant information, to your Help Scout account, all without ever leaving Agile.



  • Resolve issues and make customers happy: Solve or “close” active customer issues directly from Agile. Improve the customer experience by staying completely up-to-date on every customer’s helpdesk history. Personalize the customer experience and let them know you care!

Help Scout’s claim to fame is that it has the power and functionality of any leading helpdesk platform, while being “invisible” to customers – when customers interact with a company’s Help Scout helpdesk, the customer experience is personalized like a standard exchange of emails. Pretty cool! When you integrate Help Scout with Agile, you can use Agile’s powerful marketing automation tools to improve the customer experience even further, automatically including those helpdesk customers on relevant email and newsletter campaigns, targeting them with social media, and more.

For information about how to install the Help Scout integration in Agile, check out this page. For more detailed information, check out this PDF. And remember to check out Agile’s huge range of one-click plugins for everything from web forms to social media.

Don’t have an Agile account yet? Sign up today. And remember, you’ll need a Help Scout account too for this integration.

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