Why Exit Intent Pop-ups Rock

Why Exit Intent Pop-ups Rock

Exit intent pop-ups can be a blessing in disguise or a total disaster. Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg and a celebrated digital marketing expert, says that marketers can increase their conversion rate and reduce the bounce rate through exit intent pop-ups—as long as they use them wisely.

The whole purpose of exit intent pop-ups is to get the visitors’ attention and make a final Hail-Mary offer. Visitors don’t even get annoyed about these pop-ups because it shows up at the last moment. It’s also a chance to ensure that your visitors don’t leave the page without performing an action.

Let’s discuss why exit intent pop-ups are useful.

1. A Second Chance at Conversion

How many times do you get a second chance at that winning moment? Almost never. Unless you take advantage of exit intent pop-ups. Then you’ve got another shot at converting your visitors into your customers. Make them an offer they can’t refuse with a pop-up form and see how it works for you. You can also redirect your visitor to something more exciting and convert them with a subscription form or box.

In an article in Conversion Sciences, Brian Massey says, “redirection pop-ups can convert up to 25 percent of lost visitors.” How do we know this? Visitors often decide to abandon a page because they didn’t find the content exciting enough. Using an exit intent, you can drive your abandoning visitor to a webpage which is more exciting in terms of content and visuals. This requires research on a visitor’s web behavior and engagement, which can be easily analyzed using Agile CRM web analytics.

2. Altering a Customer’s Decision Through Choices

Too many options may also cause a visitor to abandon a page. Too much of anything can confuse your potential customer. An overwhelmed visitor is one who will jump ship.

According to Joseph Putnam, consumers have less time to make a purchase decision and if they are presented with unlimited options, they opt out. As always, keep it simple and redirect them to a more precise option they would rather explore.

With an exit intent overlay, you can ease a buyer’s decision-making process. Present them with the best choice possible in a call to action and see if he goes for the opportunity. Again, some research is required and Agile CRM’s web analytics can be incredibly helpful in this arena.

3. Offer Other Product Recommendations

If your product offerings include multiple product lines, use this pop-up to direct your current visitors to another product’s page. It may be more in line with what the visitor is looking for.

People get distracted. They go to a site looking for something, but their attention is stolen by other product listings and they end up purchasing something from there. Allow your visitors to see your other offerings to ensure the purchasing decision goes in your favor.

4. Grow Your Subscribers List

Many popular digital marketers and influencers have discussed exit intent pop-ups at length. They concluded that using email subscribe pop-ups during an exit is the best way to grab visitors’ attention and not annoy them at the same time. According to AppSumo, email pop-ups have an average conversion rate of 1.66 percent, which is considered an acceptable conversion rate.

Neil Patel says, “Pop-ups are an amazing way to increase your email sign-up rates.” Using an email subscribe as an exit intent pop-up, you can grow your subscription list. Just include a value-added offer like an e-book, checklist or guidebook download with it.

5. Reduces Shopping Cart Abandonment

The chances are very high that your visitors have added few of your products to their shopping cart. However, a sudden change in behavior might cause them to leave the website. Now is the right time to use a pop-up and get visitors complete their purchase.

Show a pop-up that asks them not to leave before checking out their shopping cart. Keep the language simple. To make it more enticing, offer a discount code to increase the chances of a completed purchase cycle. According to Gleam.io, an offer like this can increase the revenues by up to 10 percent.

Exit intent pop-ups work. It’s as simple as that. They allow you a second chance turn a visitor into a customer. As a business, you can’t afford not to take advantage of them.

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