Eventerprise Automated Sales & Marketing Seamlessly With Agile CRM

Eventerprise Automated Sales & Marketing Seamlessly With Agile CRM

Automation grows with each passing year, and businesses need solutions to automate areas like sales and marketing. Ninety-one percent of businesses use CRM software to manage sales and 61 percent use automation for marketing. These tools are crucial, and it’s even more beneficial if both are integrated in one system.

This is the type of platform that Eventerprise needed. They wanted to automate most of their sales and marketing areas, but were unable to, as the tools they were using were not offering complete automation. In addition, using multiple tools lead to disconnect in the data.

How Agile CRM Offered Eventerprise Complete Automation

Eventerprise AG is a global digital platform for the events industry. They help connect event hosts with the suppliers of event services, products, and venues. They offer a transparent platform to event hosts to help them find, compare, and connect with event suppliers using custom supplier profiles with verified reviews and ratings to build online presence and establish trust.

Eventerprise deals with large, diverse data while working on other sales and marketing activities. Managing the data while having silos in marketing and sales activities was not only getting cumbersome, but also laborious to track.

Eventerprise was using various tools that divided the data, putting it into different silos. This created a disconnect in email and communication. There was no complete history under one tool or system.

Another problem faced by Eventerprise was a disconnect between team members. The company has a team of 13 members plus 15-20 interns. They needed a tool that would allow the team to work together and to monitor and manage activities.

Data management was a top priority for Eventerprise. They needed a solution that would engender effective management of campaigns and channels using one central place to maximize growth in leads and overall business. With Agile CRM, Eventerprise could easily and effectively centralize their data and remove silos from sales and marketing.

Agile CRM’s contact management gave Eventerprise a centralized database where they could have a 360-degree contact view from emails, to tasks, to complete contact communication history.

The company also needed a tool that for full automation. Using Agile CRM’s marketing automation features for email campaigns, web tracking and social suite, the company could improve on their marketing activities by automating most of their tasks. They also automated appointment scheduling and improved their online calendar and task management using our sales enablement features.

Agile CRM removed the disconnect between the sales and marketing teams by offering all the benefits of sales and marketing automation in one system. They wanted a solution that would remove manual interventions as much as possible. Agile helped them by taking over most of the manual processes such as creating tasks, events and meetings. Agile CRM’s real-time and push notifications made it easier to track various activities effectively.

Automation Made Easy

Eventerprise AG is a growing platform, and with Agile CRM as their automation solution, they could scale faster and smoother and continue to grow globally.

With Agile CRM, Eventerprise saw a major improvement in sales and marketing automations as well as campaign execution and delivery. Agile CRM is a sales and marketing automation CRM that allows agility and flexibility. The company was able to segment leads by a variety of criteria like location, industry, job title, product line, and more. Using these segments, they could send out targeted communications with content relevant to specific audiences.

Eventerprise made improvements in the delivery of sales and marketing campaigns because Agile CRM’s seamless process allows for effective insights and tracking. Eventerprise even decided to use Agile CRM for their global expansion program and are currently preparing the CRM to help set up their Dubai Sales Hub.

They are also in the process of developing an SaaS sales infrastructure and will use Agile CRM to connect with their global sales teams and grow their digital marketing and direct sales campaigns, as well as email and SMS campaigns for recruitment purposes and other non-sales activities.

“We are excited about scaling our early stage SaaS platform further in partnership with Agile CRM and can already see its positive impact on our sales, marketing, and customer success strategies,” notes Götz Thümecke, co-founder and CEO at Eventerprise.

Agile CRM assists Eventerprise in achieving their mission by using its ability to automate, but still retain a personal touch with video marketing, social media outreach and instant chats.

The Eventerprise customer success program is fully automated with various Agile CRM widgets and integrations for dedicated support and speedy resolution to queries, which in turn helps enhance the customer experience.

Like Agile CRM, Eventerprise aims to keep its customers happy. Our customer service goes the extra mile to help our patrons and that’s what we did with this company. Agile CRM’s and Eventerprise’s focus on customer success is what helped us form a productive “fast forward” relationship with them.

The company is using the CRM to its full capacity – sales automation, marketing automation and customer service. Agile CRM is helping them in achieving full automation while centralizing their data and connecting sales and marketing teams seamlessly.


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about 2 years ago

Hi, This is a great a case study showing a case for integrating Marketing Automation with CRM all in one platform. I was also hoping though, to find a case study that incorporates the use of transactional email using a provider like Sendgrid, where the customer information, and tracking of all communication is available under one roof. Thanks! Kelly


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