6 Chrome Extensions for Easy Lead Generation

6 Chrome Extensions for Easy Lead Generation

Lead generation can be difficult without strong contact data. This is especially true for B2B marketers since it is crucial for their businesses to have quality sales-ready leads and more than 61 percent of B2B marketers think it is difficult to generate quality leads with inbound tactics.

How can you capture the contact data of leads that don’t visit your site? Inbound marketing eases the data capturing process by using forms, content upgrades and other tools that allow email signups. There are also lead management platforms such as LeadGenius, Agile CRM and Prezi that ease the process.

Tools that can ease management and reduce the cost of investment are very valuable to marketers. Free versions also exist.

Here is our list of Chrome extensions that help the lead generation process and offer affordable solutions:

  1. Email Hunter

The easiest way to clip email addresses is by using the Email Hunter Chrome extension. This allows you to find the email addresses of any leads/prospects within seconds. It can clip email addresses from various websites, LinkedIn profiles and search pages.

With one click, you can save data for apps like Zapier. Email Hunter generates email IDs using first, last and company name. It adds a confidence score so users know if the address is reliable. The free version allows 150 searches monthly. Upgraded paid plans start at $49 a month.

  1. Agile CRM

Our Agile CRM Chrome extension comes in handy when you want to clip contact data from various social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. It is another one-click tool that allows you to capture lead data and add that directly in your CRM.

The process is as simple as clicking on Agile’s cloud icon when you are on a lead’s/prospect’s page and the extension will pull all the data from the page into a pre-made form. This tool is completely free and offers other features like emailing, task viewing, contact search and more.

  1. LeadFuze

Another quick way to gather contact details is with the LeadFuze extension. LeadFuze is a complete B2B lead generation tool that includes lead management, email campaigns, real-time reporting and more. With this extension, you can capture data from Google search and LinkedIn, get a list of leads with their email IDs from LinkedIn company pages and set automated emails. It also integrates directly in your CRM.

This extension is free to use. Extra features require an upgrade. Price plans start at $150 per month.

  1. DiscoverOrg Sales Intelligence

This is a smart extension tool that allows sales and marketing teams to identify leads using a simple search. It allows you to find more related leads on any LinkedIn profile. It retrieves matched lead data from the same or related companies. It removes the need to run a different search for related contacts.

DiscoverOrg also lets you save data directly to your CRM, . The Chrome extension is free, but the complete package starts at $150 per month.

  1. Clearbit Connect – Supercharge Gmail

This contact data clipping tool is heavily connected with Gmail and allows you to search, monitor and save data directly into your Gmail account. Using Clearbit, you can find lead information by searching for a company name and role in the “compose” window. You can also get additional data like email addresses, company name and size and social handles about searched leads or unknown leads.

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Many lead generation tools have their own work-around for LinkedIn and offer information clipping from the platform. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is from the company itself and gives you quality lead recommendations based on your preferences and search requirements. It also offers real-time sales updates, direct data saving into a CRM and much more.

The Chrome extension is free. However, if you need to do more than identify leads, you can opt for the complete suite at $79.99 per month.

Let us know about free tools you use for lead generation below.

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Ankita Kaushik

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Justin McGill

about 2 years ago

Appreciate you including LeadFuze. Cheers!



about 2 years ago

Pretty interesting list, Ankita. I'm using Email Hunter for quite long and have to say it is working really well so far. Being into an IT services and specifically into application development services business, it seems hard to generate (Qualified)leads in highly competitive market. Thanks for sharing the details.



about 1 year ago

While lead generation we have to perform multiple activities so we need many tools for best output and the above mentioned tools seems to be very helpful. We frequently use Email Hunter for outreach purpose and it is really helpful. Thanks Ankita for providing such nice tools.


Nikki Wilson

about 3 weeks ago

Ankita, feel free to check out our SignalHire Chrome Extension which is a really useful tool for lead generation. It can retrieve verified email addresses and phone numbers from any social network profile including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Google+ and MeetUp.



about 3 weeks ago

Oxyleads has without a doubt one of the best lead-gen Chrome extension. Despite that leads are one of the cheapest in the industry.


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