How We Achieved Success With Aggressive Automation

How We Achieved Success With Aggressive Automation

Gartner shared its recent research on the CRM market that shows CRM software totaled $26.3 billion in 2015 and is predicted to grow to $36 billion by the end of 2017.

This market analysis goes on to show how fast the CRM industry is growing, and it emphasizes that the need for automation will ensure these numbers continue to grow. The point today is not why the industry is growing, but how businesses can fully take advantage of what their CRM system has to offer.

Our own growth as a company highlights how other businesses can better leverage their CRM systems.

Agile CRM started out small, with initial development in our Indian office. We were not capitalized through large rounds of venture capital–we bootstrapped instead, reinvesting early profits from our product back into the company. Despite this modest beginning, in just three years we crossed the $3 million revenue mark. We continue to grow at a rapid pace.

From our modest beginning in India, we have grown and expanded globally. Of our more than 9,000 customers, both enterprise and SMB, 60 percent are U.S. companies and 40 percent are from elsewhere in the world, from Europe to Asia. We not only serve businesses around the world, we also now have operations in the Philippines, San Francisco and Dallas.

Our business has grown fast and continues to expand because we not only help businesses automate their marketing, sales and customer service with our cloud CRM, we also use it ourselves for aggressive automation. This helps us do a lot with little, and focus our human resources where the human touch is most useful. We improve our product often, we have actual people on the other end of our support calls, and each of our employees is a paragon of productivity.

Automation helps us better manage our leads, create and send nurture campaigns, call and email leads, manage bills, provide support to our customers and improve our customer experience.

More than just improving any given area of our business, automation also brings synergy among our various departments by connecting them in common workflows. It also helps us with improved communication among departments and between our staff and customers by supporting faster communications turnaround and making sure nothing slips between the cracks. We understand our prospect’s buying patterns better by capturing their web engagement on our site, and we deliver better customer service through this insight.

Our fast growth was possible because we automated what we could automate. Any business can do the same, and helping businesses automate is in fact what our company is all about. We’re a CRM firm, but really we’re all about helping businesses automate easily and cost effectively.

This focus is why we’ve reached the $3 million revenue mark so quickly as a boostrapped firm. We use automation wisely, and we help your business do the same. Efficiency and a compelling product is a powerful combination, as we show on a daily basis.

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