5 Myths About Shopping Cart Abandonment

5 Myths About Shopping Cart Abandonment

Every day marketers are determined to solve the problem of cart abandonment. Many e-commerce businesses lose customers with this unforeseen practice of the buyers. Businesses often wonder if they did something wrong to make the customer leave the site. Often, there is consideration that automation or adoption of the wrong tool prevented the sale.

The reasons for shopping cart abandonment can be numerous. A few of the major reasons include the check out being cluttered, complex shipping, hidden charges toward the end, not specifying delivery charges, and using outdated technology, among others.

If you want to create value for your ecommerce business, then as a marketer, you must try to fix the above issues. There are often preconceived notions as to why shopping carts have been abandoned. In an attempt to reclaim your lost sales, make sure that you are approaching the problem methodically.

These are the five common shopping cart abandonment myths that can hinder business development if they are not addressed properly.

Myth # 1: Having more apps will open many avenues for selling

Reality: Too many apps spoil the experience.

Applications are awesome and regularly seen as the significant device of online communication. Retailers are certain that apps will bring more customers on board. Really, they can be useful for the loyal clientele. Be that as it may, there is just an excessive number of them appearing, and individuals are starting to become hesitant to download yet another app. To increase new clientele and appeal to your current customer base, ensure that you have an appealing site. In any case, given Google’s latest moves, make sure to make a versatile outline that can work for portable, desktop, or tablets. Search engines have been giving lower scores to organizations that keep up independent mobile sites.

Myth # 2: More features lead to more purchases

Reality: Customers like a clutter free app environment.

Marketers are always in awe with new and flashy features and feel that customers will also appreciate their preferences. However, customers will often quickly flip through the feature without giving it much attention. They need something that loads really quickly. Most customers focus on speed more than anything else. In this era of tight deadlines and time constraints, they prefer speed to detailed explanations and more loading time. Have a clear-cut navigation path that gives operational ease to the customer.

Myth # 3: Use a multi-level billing platform for more security

Reality: There are too many steps to make the payment.

Businesses, in the name of security, are forcing customers to go through multiple layers of security checks and authentications. These are good in a way, but may not be conducive for someone operating on a low-speed internet connection. Due to signal drops, the sale may not get through, and the aggravated customer may ultimately abandon the shopping cart.

Myth # 4: Feedback forms and reviews may lead to bad mouthing

Reality: They establish a connect between customers and businesses.

Another common myth revolves around the reviews the customers write about the product. Businesses feel that negative reviews can mar the product’s success. With this thought, if you shut down the review mechanism, it may also prevent positive reviews coming from customers. Even posting a feedback form will help the business grow as customers feel that the brands are listening to them. This establishes a connection between customers and businesses.

Myth # 5: Customers use tactics to get more discounts and coupons

Reality: There can be other reasons that annoy a customer and it need not be always a ploy.

A common ploy by customers is to abandon their carts deliberately so that businesses can offer them discount vouchers. However, if you treat it as a deceptive move and never reach out to those customers you may lose out on sales; some customers can have serious problems that need immediate attention. Employ good measures to check the lapses and eliminate customers who intentionally do that. Later on, you can focus on the genuine ones to close the sale.

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