3 Best Practices for VIP Customer Service

3 Best Practices for VIP Customer Service

Any business thrives on customer service and when a major chunk of the revenue is coming from a small section of customers, they are labelled as VIP customers by default. The business is growing exponentially because of few high-ticket customers so that service also has to transcend in a similar manner.

If you are a small company, especially a SaaS establishment, it becomes challenging to offer dedicated support. However, the company grows brick by brick, click by click with this approach to ensure that the VIP customers get a great deal of customer service and experience.

Let’s hit the right practices for VIP customer service.


First, the business has to focus on customer segmentation. It has to draw the contours for high-value customers, big names in the industry and well-funded startups.

A person with a high-value plan automatically gets into the zone of a VIP. And when someone pumps in a heavy investment, in all probability, they would share their good or bad experience with others.

Next in line will be the companies you admire and if they are in your signup list, you would be eager to graduate them to a premium class resulting in a VIP treatment.


The next step after defining it right is to treat them right. Most of them are too attentive on the SLAs you’ve included in the plans so define that properly. Even if you are not a tech business, the turnaround time matters a lot for giving a true experience.

  • What does the support package include?
  • Who gets it (what plans or spend level)?
  • How long will they receive premium, personalized service?
  • How much we bring down the turnaround time for service?

Don’t make big promises you can’t fulfil. Be simplistic in your approach and deliver lot of value to your customers. The customer may ask for a feature that looks simple for you but may be of critical nature for him/her. Still keep an eye on it and give it to him soon. This increases the customer’s engagement with your brand.

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You have to keep a check on the entire process after a certain stage. It’s quite obvious that, if you are a small company, you can’t deliver VIP service for a lifetime. So here you can move to automated messages still staying in the close corners of personalization.

The key for every support team lies in understanding the customer requirement and trying to be on the same page. Then initiating a proper follow up. SaaS products like Agile CRM venture beyond the ordinary to run a personalized chat with their high-paying Enterprise edition subscribers. Their UserVoice service offers a tool for the customers to post their feedback and offer suggestions for product improvement. This adds another feather to their excellent support function.

Like Agile, any freemium model thrives on a clear connection between the best of the world experience any free customer receives and how it gets carried over when the customer takes that step, pays and remains a long time customer. The high-ticket sales happen with overblown promises from the sales team that may or may not be met in the long run. It’s better to trim the excess fat of offerings and make it clear to the customers to avoid any repercussions at a later stage.

This holds true for VIP as well as regular customers. If you are hard pressed for resources that churn out the optimum value, then rely on the high potential the customers have and how well you can nurture them for better engagement.

At the outset, it may sound difficult but try to serve everyone like a VIP. Follow these simple tips to make everyone a happy customer.

  • Move things at a quicker pace, irrespective of their status and plan.
  • Always keep on repeating this message to yourself that you are going to serve this important person today.
  • Identify the preference of your customers, act on it, and make a note of it for your team.

Every customer expects world-class service. Be it a service or a product offering, when they call for an issue or upgrade, they deserve VIP treatment. Your customers will be in awe with your eagerness to serve them and will give it back with referrals, which stands as a testimony to their loyalty.

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