Does Twitter Marketing Work?

Does Twitter Marketing Work?

There are 6,000 tweets sent out every minute. Brand engagement is an entirely different issue. That said, SMBs can connect with their customers pretty consistently. This is why they are choosing Twitter to showcase their rich content and sell themselves.

The flip side is: 60 percent of content marketing is done through Twitter, but only 20 to 30 percent reaches users. Less than 5 percent offer clicks or revisits on the website.

Source: Simply Measured

Yes. Users see your tweets but when it comes to clicking on the links or being redirected to the website, it is as low as 1 percent. It doesn’t work.

So how do we change it?

The answer is simple: Twitter is an engagement platform. It isn’t a selling platform. Marketers have to adapt.

All is not lost for SMBs when it comes to Twitter marketing. You can still make it work by using smart application. Twitter does let you engage with your users. Engagement meaning serving your users something useful.


In reality, if your agenda is to talk about “how good/better your product is,” it’s not going to help you. Twitter won’t drive traffic, necessarily, but you might get noticed by your potential customers.

Twitter can get you exposure, more engagement and new followers, but it might not work for website visits and sales conversions. Not unless you’re targeting the right audience and interests.

Have realistic goals when it comes to Twitter marketing. Think about your business and what type of users you want to attract. A company can have 8,000 or 9,000 users—and it doesn’t matter. Using Twitter promotion, based on clear-cut strategies can work, but nothing is certain. You need to lower your expectation when it comes to click-through rate.

Twitter marketing might work for some SMBs (or any business), but “work” here comes down to exposure. That is the only thing Twitter is really good for. Twitter “favorites” and “retweets” are not the same as sales.

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