Say Hello to Agile CRM’s New iOS SDK

Mobile app owners and software developers just got a new tool in the form of Agile CRM’s iOS SDK.

Agile CRM now offers a software development kit (SDK) that allows Apple iOS developers to easily integrate their apps with Agile CRM’s contact management platform.

Integrations, matter for developers in an app landscape, where usefulness largely is determined by the integration between an app’s core functionality and the other cloud services used by customers. Apps that integrate with popular cloud services such as Agile CRM signal their usefulness while also boosting functionality through the inclusion of new features and functionality that come with the integration.

Agile CRM’s iOS SDK makes integration with Agile CRM significantly easier by providing the code libraries, samples, documentation and tools needed to easily connect with the platform. With Agile CRM’s new iOS SDK, anyone can associate their iOS mobile app with Agile CRM.

Agile CRM has launched its own iOS SDK for customers and partners. #iOS #SDK #AgileLove Click To TweetThe advantage of using Agile CRM’s iOS SDK is that it gives app developers instant CRM functionality in their app.

Some of the key integrations that the SDK provides:


Contact management is the heart of any CRM. Agile CRM’s iOS SDK allows mobile users to create contacts, fetch contacts data, update contacts, delete contacts, add tags to contacts, delete tags from contacts and other functions.

Deals (Opportunities)

Sales teams rely on deal management, and adding or modifying deals from the road is key. With Agile CRM’s iOS integration, your iOS mobile app can be enhanced to create deals, fetch deals data, update deals, delete deals and other functions.


Tasks play a pivotal role in project management, and Agile CRM allows customers to manage projects effectively with drag and drop task lists. Your iOS mobile app can be made to perform operations including creating tasks, fetching tasks data, updating tasks, deleting tasks and other operations with iOS SDK integration.


Notes give you instant access to essential information about contacts, deals, tasks and more. With iOS SDK, your iOS mobile app can perform operations specific to notes including creating notes, fetching notes data, updating notes, deleting notes and other operations.

Essentially, Agile CRM’s iOS SDK makes it easy to build contact and sales tools into your app.

We always advocate open feedback to encourage customer and partner participation with Agile CRM. Let us know what you think of our new iOS SDK and how we can improve it to make your life as a developer even easier.

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Greg Arthur

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