Group Appointment Scheduling

Agile CRM’s online appointment scheduler has quickly become one our most popular features. Some customers send calendar invites to leads by hand, some (most) integrate invites into automated campaign workflows, which is especially useful when you want to fill spots for demo presentations or automatically reschedule missed calls and meetings. Either way, online appointment scheduling software saves a ton of time and makes for demos and sales calls with a greater rate of success. In order to make the appointment scheduling tool even more useful for your sales and support teams, we’ve enhanced it to allow for group appointment scheduling. You can now¬†share calendars of multiple CRM users with a single scheduling URL. Send the group URL to a contact and they can schedule an appointment with any of the included users.

Group Appointment Scheduling

The enhanced feature is especially useful for support and onboarding teams. Your customers are more likely to find an open time slot that fits their needs, and your sales and support teams can organically balance the workload among team members.

How to Send a Group Calendar Invite

To send a group calendar invite in a single URL, just use a comma between usernames in the URL. In the sample URL (,natesh), the online calendar is displaying an invite to the calendars of both Shravi (username: shravi_sharma) and Natesh (username: natesh). A lead who receives this URL is able to book an open appointment with either Shravi or Natesh, two of our sales rockstars here at Agile CRM.

Setup Group Calendar

If you haven’t gotten up and running with Agile CRM’s appointment tool yet, don’t worry. It’s super easy. In fact, it’s automatic! From your Agile dashboard, click on the link at the bottom of your calendar, or just select ‘Online Calendar’ in the Preferences menu (accessed from the user drop-down on the upper right). Set preferences and immediately start letting your clients, customers and leads book meetings online. Check out our appointment scheduling software page for details about how the feature works, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with questions or suggestions.

BTW even Starter accounts now have access to the online appointment scheduler, but we probably don’t need to remind many of you about this since most of you – awesome Starter customers have already started taking advantage of the automated scheduler. Good stuff.

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